Meet Mike MacDonald

After 14 years in marketing and sales, I have honed my skills in content creation and lead generation. One of the main things I specialize in and help our clients with is creating content that is relevant, engaging, and that attracts their ideal clients and new customers. With the systems and tools we use, our clients can expect to start generating more quality leads for their business, and generate more targeted traffic to their site and offers. I help our clients create a marketing system that can help them prequalify their leads and get better results talking to less people. Throughout this process I help our clients develop a system that can help them grow their business on a 24/7 basis.

Meet Lobar Tursunova

I wear many hats here at Marketing Systems By Design, but I’m mainly responsible for scoping the projects and making sure deadlines are met. When you become one of our clients, I will be onboarding you and making sure that we have everything needed to start off your projects! I then ensure that our whole team is filled in and ready to launch your digital marketing/SEO plan. I also maintain consistent online presence for our clients through Facebook, Linkedin and Google My Business posts. Some of my job duties are: optimizing blog posts, conducting keyword research, managing content creation, overseeing project timelines, collaborating with writers and web-designers, reporting to clients on bi-weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. Bringing organization and a systematized approach to everything is what I do best.