How to get clients for a cleaning business with blogging

Here is how YOU can attract the right cleaning clients by blogging

How to get clients for a cleaning business is one of the most common questions we run into with new clients. Well, there are many ways to do that through digital marketing, but one of the best long-term marketing strategies to get cleaning clients is with blogging. In this post, you’ll learn how to get clients for a cleaning business with blogging even if you’ve never written a blog post before.

Why should a cleaning business blog as a means to get cleaning clients?

Many cleaning business owners don’t realize the power of blogging as a means to get cleaning clients. It might seem like something that isn’t worth your time, but there are many advantages to blogging as a cleaning business owner.

The first benefit is to capitalize on SEO or search engine optimization. Typically we find if cleaning business owners are using SEO to promote their business it is primarily aimed at local SEO.

This is certainly something you should do, but there are many other SEO opportunities beyond local SEO that blogging can capitalize on. As you write blog posts on a consistent basis, you can incorporate these search terms into your posts as a means to attract new visitors to your website.

The effective use of these SEO strategies can also lead to increased traffic for your cleaning business in a number of ways. Local SEO typically hits on search terms like, “cleaning business near me”, “cleaning services in XYZ city”, “House cleaning in XYZ city”, etc.

All of these searches are definitely important things to rank for, but there are also likely hundreds of other relevant searches your ideal customers are searching for as well that might not be local search related. These could be search terms like, “how to hire a cleaning service”, “cleaning hacks”, “how to remove rust stains in toilets”, or other question-based search terms.

Another important strategy for blogging, is to write about topics your ideal clients struggle with, and then offering solutions to those problems. For example, if you’re a commercial cleaning company that works with property managers, perhaps writing an article on tips for finding tenants would be a helpful topic. After all, keeping their buildings full is a top priority.

With blogging, you can tap into these search terms and also provide valuable content to your existing, and potential customers.

Blogging can dramatically increase traffic for your cleaning business

As business owners, we all want more traffic to our websites, and blogging can be a great long-term marketing strategy to accomplish that. This can work for cleaning businesses for a number of reasons.

One way that blogging can increase traffic and is an effective strategy for how to get clients for a cleaning business, is because it gives people a reason to come back to your site. Most people who visit your website for the first time likely aren’t ready to buy from you or sign up for your cleaning service.

It would be great if that was the case, but most people are in research mode when they come to your site for the first time, not buying mode. For this reason, even if you have a way to capture their information on their first visit to your site, you need a way to get them to come back. Blogging can be an effective way to do this for your cleaning business.

As you build out your email list you can continually send people back to your site each time you release a new blog post. Not only will this continue to bring people back to your site, but it also helps establish your cleaning business as an authority in the industry.

Use blogging in conjunction with Facebook advertising to market your cleaning business

Another unique strategy you can use in conjunction with blogging is using retargeting through Facebook advertising to promote your cleaning business. The basic idea is that you will put a Facebook pixel on your blog posts and when someone lands on that page, they will be tracked through that pixel.

At this point, you can either retarget those site visitors with advertisements, or you can also begin to collect data and then create a lookalike audience of those who visited those blog posts. As you create value-based blog posts on your site, this can help segment your target market.

Likely someone who visits your blog posts has a high interest in the content you are putting out there. For example, if you did a post on cleaning tips for keeping your home clean, likely someone who visits has an interest in a clean home. If someone didn’t have an interest in that, they wouldn’t go and read the blog post.

This means that when you use a Facebook pixel to create a lookalike audience of people who look like those who visit your blog posts, they should be very targeted. By doing this you can actually get higher quality traffic and leads, and even new cleaning clients from this audience at a lower cost and higher conversion rate.

If setting up these kinds of Facebook advertising strategies for your cleaning business sounds a bit too complicated, we can help set that up for your business with our agency. Click here to fill out a quick survey to see how we can help you grow your cleaning business!

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How to use blogging to create an expert status for your cleaning business

Another great benefit of blogging and why it is a great way for how to get clients for a cleaning business is because it can help give your business expert status. Most people want to do business with experts and companies that know what they are doing.

Blogging can help you establish this feeling with your potential customers in many ways. One way is that the more in-depth content you share on your website that solves your target market’s problems, answers their questions, and helps them achieve results faster, the more you will be seen as an expert in your industry.

When people are shopping around and looking at various cleaning services to choose from, they are more likely to choose the cleaning company that appears to have the most expertise and knowledge in the industry. If someone were to visit your site and it was very empty and just had minimal or poor content, they likely will choose someone else.

Also the more you create valuable blogs and send them out to your list, the faster your cleaning business will develop trust, rapport, and credibility with this list. When you lead with value first in your blogs, the easier it will be to get conversions when you do offer a promotion or attempt the sale.

When more people see your cleaning business as their go-to resource, the easier it will be to generate leads and sales through your online marketing efforts.

How to pick blog topics that attract cleaning clients

You’re probably thinking at this point that blogging sounds like a great marketing strategy for a cleaning business, but you may still be wondering what you should write about. This is a great question, and there are many resources to help you with this.

One resource you should use is called keyword research. This may sound complex, but there are many methods to do keyword research for blogging even if you aren’t techy. The first thing you should download is a browser extension called Keywords Everywhere.

This extension will basically tell you how many searches a specific term gets every month. This can be helpful in determining the kind of content your target market is actually looking for online. Creating content is important, but if you create content that no one is looking for it doesn’t matter.

You can use the Keywords Everywhere plugin to work in conjunction with searching on Google to find the kind of content you should create. Simply type in a post idea you have that could answer a question of your target market, help them avoid a pain point, or help them get better results. See the picture below for an example.

When you scroll to the bottom of the page, Google actually shows you ideas for topics and search terms that people are actually searching for. Answer these questions and create posts on these topics with a quality blog post and it can help you start to get cleaning clients from them.

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One you make blog content, you need to share it to attract new clients for your cleaning business

Another thing you should be doing is consistently sharing your content on social media and to your email list. If no one sees the content you are producing, it’s hard to attract new cleaning clients with it.

A common mistake we find cleaning business owners make is only sharing content that is self-serving. Certainly promoting your business is important, but ideally, you should be following the 80/20 rule in regards to your content.

80% of the content should be focused on value-based posts that serve your audience and only 20% of your content should be promotional and focused on selling. Blogging is a great way to share value-based content as well.

When your content is focused around service first, it is much more likely to get shared and have people visit it. This can also help you attract new cleaning clients and leads for your cleaning business.

Do you need a huge time commitment for blogging to work for your cleaning company?

Yet another misconception around blogging to get cleaning clients, is that you need a large time commitment to start getting results. Certainly blogging is not an overnight marketing strategy for cleaning businesses, but the efforts you put into blogging can compound and create returns for years to come.

Blogging is considered evergreen content. This means that you can create the content once and it can continue to bring in traffic, leads, and new cleaning clients for years to come. So while blogging may take some time upfront it can be extremely valuable and can passively work to grow your cleaning business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, forever.

Typically, we recommend writing blog posts that are at least 500-1000 words long. This shouldn’t be too time-consuming to do on a consistent basis, especially since it should be writing on topics you already know a lot about.

Certainly writing longer posts are better, but the length can also be relative to the competition. If you have a blog post topic in mind, just type that topic into Google and see what comes up. If you find a similar post from a competitor simply check how long that post is and if you can just write a quality post that is longer and/or of higher quality. Ideally, you just want to write long enough to fully answer the question or topic your post is about.

You can also outsource blogging to a marketing agency that specializes in cleaning companies and have them create blog content for you. It’s one of the things we do for our clients as well.

Do you need to be an expert writer to use blogging as a marketing strategy for cleaning companies?

You might also be thinking that you can’t blog because you aren’t a good writer. The reality of it is that you don’t actually need to be an amazing writer to be good at blogging.

One of the best ways to blog is to actually write conversationally. This means that you can simply write how you would talk.

Writing in this manner makes it easier to read, and makes it more relatable to your readers as well. Most people tend to do business with companies they feel like they know and trust. When you write conversationally it helps to establish that feeling of trust faster with your readers.

Again as a major foundation to blog content you write, as long as you are putting value first and the needs of your ideal customers first, they really don’t care about the writing ability of the author. Certainly, you want to write quality content, but as long as the content is helpful to the readers you should be fine.

Overall blogging should be an integral part of your online marketing strategy for your cleaning business. It is one of the best ways how to get clients for a cleaning business online. Click here to see how our agency can help you grow your cleaning business with blogging and improve your marketing.

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