graphics in social media

Why Graphics Improves Engagement on Social Media

  • You will hear over and over about the importance of good content. Whether you are sharing it on your website or your blog, it needs to be quality content that is full of relevant information. The same rings true when you are sharing content on social media. Content is always king. The catch, however, is that it’s not as simple as posting the content on your social media sites and expecting people to read it. You need something eye-catching, something…

    Your Social Media Checklist

  • A strong social media presence is essential in today’s business world. As more and more people take to the internet and applications like Facebook and Twitter to get their information, surviving without fully utilizing these programs is not likely to happen. But with so many different platforms to update, it can be overwhelming to get started. With a helpful checklist that outlines the things you should be doing to increase your social media presence, you can gain control of your…