5 Word of Mouth Marketing Strategies for Your Local Business

  • Word of mouth marketing has always been a cornerstone of a business's marketing plan. When a person is looking for a new service provider, they often consult their friends and neighbors, or they search for reviews on the internet. Nothing sells a business better than a recommendation from a real human being. According to Forbes Magazine, recommendations are the number one driver of consumer purchases. No matter what stage of the purchase decision-making process a person is in, the suggestions…
    WOW your clients

    Are You “WOWing” Your Clients Or Underwhelming Them?

  • Marketing experts often talk about "WOWing" your clients to make sure you give them an over the top customer service experience. And I often talk about this myself when working with clients. But I've noticed that some companies are not only NOT WOWing their clients, they are completely underwhelming them! And the result can be a client that is not loyal, and one that eventually leaves for a company that sincerely appreciates them. A few weeks ago I did a…