Submit a Google Review on your mobile device

An Inventive Way to Ask Your Clients for Google Reviews

  • [sociable/] One of our virtual assistants forwarded an email she received from her dog's vet clinic. In the email, they were asking their clients for testimonials in the form of Google Reviews. In the email they take the time to educate their clients on how to do the review, explaining that the process is different depending on what tool you're using - regular computer vs mobile device. Since so many people are accessing the web from mobile devices these days,…

    Marketing Tip – Local Greenhouse’s Unique Email Marketing Strategy

  • I love the way this local greenhouse has differentiated itself from the competition in a way that gets their customers talking. In fact this strategy has their customers anxiously awaiting their weekly email from the greenhouse! Wouldn't you love it if your customers anxiously awaited YOUR emails?   What do you do to differentiate YOUR business from the competition? Please post your comments below.