What's missing in your marketing?

Video – What’s Missing in Your Marketing?

  • Marketing is hard, isn’t it? And it's not getting any easier as fast as things change. What worked just a few short years ago may not work today. If you're tired of struggling with marketing and spending money on hit-or-miss tactics that just don't seem to work, then you'll want to watch this video to find out what's missing in your marketing. Most people don't think of marketing as a system, but I'd like to suggest that it's the most important…
    Are you tossing your money at marketing tactics, hoping something will stick?

    Do You Have a Marketing Strategy? Or Do You Use Marketing Tactics and Hope Something Sticks?

  • No matter what kind of business you own, you must become good at marketing -- because without customers you have no business. But many business owners make the mistake of trying a whole bunch of marketing tactics, believing that this is a good marketing strategy. Believe me when I say... it's not. Many business owners tend to use many marketing tactics without having a marketing strategy. It's kind of like tossing your money at whatever seems to be a good…
    Core Marketing Message

    3 Reasons I Love This Core Marketing Message

  • Those of you who have heard me speak about marketing know that I emphasize the importance of having a "Core Marketing Message". You might also have heard it referred to as your USP, or Unique Selling Proposition. What is a Core Marketing Message? It's a short phrase that gets to the heart of how you help your customers. Keep in mind that it must also be important to your customers. Here are a few examples: BMW - The Ultimate Driving Machine…

    What’s In Your Networking Kit? (Do you even have one?)

  • I recently conducted a workshop at the "Back to Business Symposium" in the Twin Cities, which was hosted by WIN (Women in Networking). Whenever WIN hosts these types of business events, they always put together a "goodie bag" for attendees. This time we received everything from a small notebook with pen, mascara, mints, and a post-conference set of tips that included a Thank You card to send to someone who impacted you at the conference. Also included in our goodie bag…

    Video: Which Marketing Message Is More Effective? You be the Judge

  • In this episode of Strategic Marketing Tips we compare two TV ads. You be the judge! Which marketing message to you think is more effective in converting prospects, and how can you apply this strategy to your own business? Watch the short video and share your comments - I'd love to hear your thoughts! Transcript: I've noticed recently in our TV market, two Personal Injury law firms, doing a lot of advertising. And to me, there's no comparison on who…