6 Ways to Find Your Target Audience on Social Media

  • You’ve set up all of your social media accounts and are ready to go. Now what? How do you use social media to find your future customers? It’s not as simple as adding friends and followers like you would to your personal page. Or is it? The real answer is that it is easy to find your niche on social media as long as you have a plan and are willing to do a little bit of work to get…
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    Why Graphics Improves Engagement on Social Media

  • You will hear over and over about the importance of good content. Whether you are sharing it on your website or your blog, it needs to be quality content that is full of relevant information. The same rings true when you are sharing content on social media. Content is always king. The catch, however, is that it’s not as simple as posting the content on your social media sites and expecting people to read it. You need something eye-catching, something…

    Using Social Media to Build Your Brand

  • The days of having a professional website as your sole means of providing business information on the internet are long gone. Now, in order to succeed on the web, you must use a variety of social media platforms and plugins to raise your traffic numbers and guide interested people to your website. So now that you have a blog, a Facebook, Twitter account, Google + account and LinkedIn page, what do you do? How do you tie them all together?  Why…
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    Mistakes To Avoid On Your Social Media Business Pages

  • With so many different social media platforms on the market today, it can be a challenge figuring out which one works best for you and how to us each one to better your business. What many businesses overlook is the fact that just being on these sites is not enough. Having multiple social media accounts has SEO value. It is not unusual for a business’ social media page to rank higher on an organic search than its actual website. Of…
    Twitter Best Practices

    Twitter – Best Practices for Getting the Most Interaction

  • Social media is at the forefront of many small business’ marketing plans and rightfully so. A business can reach more people in an hour than it could in months, possibly years before social media hit the map. Twitter is one of many social media platforms used to connect with clients. Coming in just behind Facebook, Twitter is the second most commonly used application for businesses. Search Engine Watch estimates that 77% of businesses are active on Twitter. Accessible by computer…