A Simple Content Marketing System For Your Cleaning Business

Content Marketing System (1)

Content marketing is a common buzzword these days, but is a content marketing system necessary for your cleaning business? The reality is that a content marketing system can benefit any business, but especially a cleaning business. Most of your competitors aren’t using a content marketing system for their cleaning business and using one can separate you from the competition. In this post, you’ll learn how to use a content marketing system effectively to grow your cleaning business online.

What is a content marketing system

A content marketing system is basically a series of pieces of content that provide value to your target market and the marketing tools and systems on the back end to automate leads and sales for your cleaning business. Content marketing itself is when you create content that provides value to your ideal customers to attract them to your business.

When creating a content marketing system for your cleaning business you start by studying your ideal customers. In your research, you should find out what are their problems, goals, needs, and questions in relation to your cleaning services.

For example for a residential cleaning service, you’d find that having a dirty home and finding time to clean it causes stress. For commercial cleaning services, you would find that keeping expenses down for building owners and facilities managers are a common concern.

The better your understanding of your ideal clients the better all of your marketing and content marketing system will work for your cleaning business.

Why you need a content marketing system for your cleaning business

There are several reasons why you should have a content marketing system in place for your cleaning business, one is that most visitors don’t buy the first time they come to your website. Having everyone buy from your cleaning service the first time they come to your website would be great, but it’s not the reality.

Certainly, you should offer a place for a free quote on your site to capture the people who are ready to buy. However, for the rest, you need a reason for them to initially come to your site, and to return in the future.

This is why developing a content marketing system for your cleaning business matters. It can be a great way to increase traffic, leads, and sales for your cleaning business, and it can work for your business 24/7.

As you set up your content marketing system for your cleaning business, make sure your cleaning business website is optimized as well. To learn more about optimizing your cleaning company website, check out this post. How to Set up a Cleaning Company Website that Actually Gets Cleaning Clients.

Content Marketing System

Tools to set up a content marketing system for your cleaning business

Before you start building up content for your cleaning business you want to have a few tools in place to optimize your marketing. One tool you should have is an email autoresponder.

With an email autoresponder and opt-in page on your website, it allows you to capture leads for your cleaning business and follow up with your leads automatically. This ability to automatically follow up with potential customers can give you a lot of leverage with marketing your cleaning business.

In addition to that, with an email autoresponder, you can send email broadcasts that reach your entire list of leads in one email. Each time you create a new piece of content in your content marketing system, this will simplify reaching all of your leads with your new content.

You can also create popups on your website that offer your lead magnet to increase your lead flow and to add more people to your content marketing system faster.

Building a lead magnet to generate leads from your content marketing

Now that you have an email autoresponder you want to make a lead magnet to connect to it to start generating leads of potential cleaning clients. The foundation of what to make your lead magnet about is based on what your ideal customers want.

Make your lead magnet something that helps to solve a problem in your ideal customer’s life, answer their questions about your service, or to help them reach a goal related to your service.

As an example of a lead magnet for a residential cleaning service, you might use a money savings guide on cleaning products. Another option could be a guide on cleaning hacks.

For a commercial cleaning business, you could create a guide on reducing costs for building owners and facility managers. Whatever you create, make it congruent with your ideal customer’s needs and your cleaning services that you are selling on the back end.

Use email marketing to promote your content

As your email list grows, you will have more people in the pipeline that can eventually become new customers. Understand that your cleaning business is built on trust with your potential customers.

The more someone feels like they know, like, and trust your business, the more likely they will become customers. Your content marketing system is designed to develop that know, like, and trust factor.

Each time you create a new piece of content that informs, educates, or entertains your ideal customers, it builds a bit more trust, credibility, and the relationship you have with them.

You’ll use email marketing to continue to build that relationship, promote your content, and drive traffic back to your site on an ongoing basis. From there when the timing is right for your leads they end up becoming your customer rather than your competitors.

Blogging is a pillar for your cleaning business content marketing strategy

One of the key pillars of your content marketing system is blogging. Using blogging to grow a cleaning business is extremely effective because it can create a system of traffic to your website on a passive basis.

Blogging has many advantages and one of them is that it creates evergreen content. What that means is you can make a quality blog post once, and it will bring in new visitors to your site on a 24/7 basis forever.  This happens when you optimize your posts for SEO and specific keywords that your ideal cleaning clients would be searching for.

During your initial research on your ideal customers, it will give you a good foundation of what to talk about in your content marketing system. Ideally, your content should focus around helping your ideal clients reach goals faster, avoid their problems, and answer their common questions in relation to your cleaning services.

When you blog you also don’t need to be an excellent writer or treat it like you are in an English class from high school or college. The idea is to write more casually like you are having a conversation with someone. People care more about what’s in it for them and the value you bring to them than how great your writing is.

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Use SEO to drive traffic to your content and cleaning business website

In conjunction with blogging, you can build content on your website that optimizes SEO. This can be done with a strategy like location pages. Using SEO strategies like that will drive traffic to your website on an ongoing basis. This can be another great way to build up your content marketing system to promote your cleaning business.

Traffic isn’t the only solution to generating more leads and sales for your cleaning business but it will help. A lot of cleaning business owners make the mistake of thinking that more traffic will magically fix all of their problems.

More traffic can help, but it won’t fix anything if your underlying website isn’t set up correctly. Following the steps above by creating a lead magnet, quality content, and using SEO to drive traffic to your site, it can fuel your content marketing system and help you generate more cleaning clients.

Another SEO technique that can bring more people to your cleaning business site is with Google My Business. Optimizing this can improve your SEO and help you to rank on Google Maps, which is one of the first places most people look when hiring a cleaning business.

For more information on this, check out our post on optimizing a Google My Business Page for cleaning businesses. You might also enjoy our post on SEO for cleaning companies.

Running Facebook ads to and scale your cleaning business faster

As you create content marketing for your cleaning business in the manner laid out above, you eventually might want to accelerate your results. One way you can scale your results is through paid advertising. Facebook ads can be a great way to do this as the traffic you can generate can become very targeted.

There are multiple options you can do at this point to fully utilize Facebook advertising as a method to promote your content marketing system. One way is to set up traffic and conversion ads to your lead magnet.

Generating leads like this with Facebook ads will help you plug in more leads to your content marketing system. From there you’ll continue to bring them through the relationship-building process you have set up with content marketing.

Another way to use Facebook ads is to create traffic ads to a piece of content within your content marketing system. Throughout all of your content, you should have calls to action telling people to download your lead magnet or to request a quote.

The content provides value to your site visitor and they may download your lead magnet or request a quote. Some of these you can convert into cleaning clients immediately, others continue through your content marketing system and convert when the timing is better for them.

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Using retargeting and remarketing with your Facebook ads

Another advantage of using content marketing as a part of your marketing strategy is that you can use it to improve the targeting of your Facebook ads. You should pixel every page of your website and content.

As you do this you can start to gather data of all the people who visit your site and content related to your services. Once you have enough people that visit your content you can then create lookalike audiences and let Facebook find people who are similar.

At this point, you can run ads to offers and your lead magnets based on those lookalike audiences. This will improve your targeting because show your ads to people who are more likely to be interested instead of just a cold audience.

Plus with Facebook ads, you can pixel people that visit your content and remarket to them with offers and your lead magnet ads. Since they already expressed interest in your content, they likely will convert more often and for less.

Be sure to check out this post on common mistakes while running Facebook ads for a cleaning business. We know building a content marketing system can be a process and hard to wrap your head around, which is why it’s one of the services we offer to our clients.

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