How To Create Engaging Content To Market A Cleaning Business

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If you have decided to market your cleaning business online, likely you’ve heard things like “content is king”. While this is true, you need to be creating content that is actually engaging if you want it to help grow your cleaning business. In this post, you’ll learn how to create engaging content to market a cleaning business.

Understand your target market before you create content to market your cleaning business

One thing you’ll need to do as a foundation for marketing a cleaning business is that you need to understand your target market and ideal customers. The more you understand your ideal customers for your cleaning business, the more likely you will be able to create content that appeals to them.

When you do effective research you are able to get into the mind of your ideal cleaning clients and have your content speak directly to them. There are several things you should learn about your ideal cleaning clients and doing so will help you create your engaging content.

One thing to find out is your ideal customer’s pain points in relation to your service. If you do residential cleaning for example, maybe your prospects are very busy and so a pain point could be that they don’t have time to clean. Another option could be that they would rather spend their time on something besides cleaning, such as with their family, or on their hobbies.

You should also do research on what common questions your ideal customers have in relation to your services. Things like how much should a cleaning service cost. Also, find out what some of their goals are or what kind of things would help make their life easier that relate to cleaning.

When you have done this research your content will revolve around these things and by doing so your content will be more engaging.

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Market your cleaning business by focusing on benefits, not features

If your content isn’t getting many likes, shares, or engagement, it’s likely that your content is coming from a features-based position instead of a benefit-focused position. Many cleaning business owners make the mistake of only talking about the features of their business.

These are things like the type of services they provide, how many years they have been in business, where they service, etc. While these are important things and should be listed somewhere on your website, your potential cleaning clients won’t see this as engaging content.

You need to make the shift from “how can I sell people on my cleaning service” to “how can I help people with my cleaning service”. When you make that shift in your cleaning business marketing, your content will become much more engaging.

At the front of your mind should always be the thought of what’s in it for your ideal customer, not what’s in it for you and your cleaning business. You can still promote your cleaning business, but you do it on the back end or more subtly, and not as the main focus of the post.

The same concept applies if you are running ads like Facebook ads. For example, no one will really care about how long you have been in business if that’s what you talk about in your Facebook ads. Your ads need to be focused on benefits to your potential customers.

Check out this post Top 5 Facebook Advertising Mistakes Cleaning Business Owners Make to avoid other common advertising mistakes.

You can also incorporate benefits into your content marketing by creating content that helps solve your ideal customer’s problems. For example, the problem of not having enough time could be solved by a post on time-saving cleaning tips.

Talk about what your cleaning clients don’t know but they should know

Another concept that can help you create engaging content for your cleaning business marketing is educating your potential customers on things they should know, but don’t. As a cleaning business owner, you likely have years of experience and knowledge that could be helpful to your potential cleaning clients.

With this vast experience and knowledge base to pull from you likely know things that your ideal clients don’t, but that would be very helpful to them. This can be a great marketing strategy and can aid you in content creation.

As an example, cleaning clients likely don’t know how insurance works with a cleaning business. A post could be something such as explaining how if they hire the wrong cleaning service they may be liable if a cleaning technician is injured on their property. Posts such as this, that educate your ideal customers on something they should know, can be a way to increase engagement and the value of your content.

Engaging content ideas to market a cleaning business

Once you have the core foundation of focusing on benefits of your ideal cleaning client, it makes it much easier to create content to promote a cleaning business. By focusing on solving problems for your target market, you could help solve the problems of being busy, spending too much money, or not being able to clean effectively.

Some content ideas could be things like a buyers guide to cleaning products for your residential cleaning clients. This kind of content could focus on what are the best cleaning products for specific types of cleaning. You could also create something similar along the lines of what cleaning products people should buy to get the best results for the least amount of money.

Other options could be things like do it yourself cleaning guides for kitchens, or bathrooms. Then at the end of the post, you can always promote your cleaning business as a way to save time instead of doing the cleaning themselves.

You can also create engaging content to market your cleaning business by doing some keyword research. This is basically when you turn to Google and see what people are actually searching for in your niche.

We actually put together a post on How to get clients for a cleaning business with blogging that can help you with this content creation process and using SEO to grow your cleaning business.

Use testimonials as a form of content marketing for a cleaning business

Client testimonials can be another effective form of content to promote a cleaning business. As far as selling is concerned, people are far more likely to believe the words from a happy customer compared to yours as the business owner.

Social proof, or what others say about your cleaning company, can be far more important than what you say about your own company. While a review of your company probably isn’t going to be a stand-alone piece of content, it can be scattered throughout your content to enhance your sales process.

Ideally, if you can get video reviews or video testimonials from your happy customers those tend to work best. Video reviews can be a powerful resource because your potential customers can see actual people from a similar background to them, rather than just words on a screen.

In addition to building credibility for your company, reviews on platforms like Google can even help you improve how your business ranks on Google Maps.

The more positive reviews you have the better it reflects on your cleaning company and getting reviews should be a priority to help market your cleaning business. If you don’t yet have a system in place to gather more quality reviews for your cleaning business, click here to learn about our More Reviews Now service. It will help you set up an automated system to get testimonials and online reviews.

Need help with creating your engaging content?

Understand that creating engaging content for a cleaning business takes time, but when you put in the time to create quality content it can work for your business for years to come.

Implement these marketing strategies for your cleaning business and your content will be more engaging and it can help you generate more traffic and leads for your cleaning business.

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