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Take Control Of Your Business and Gain More Customers By Installing the Duct Tape Marketing System

As a small business owner, you know that marketing is one of your biggest challenges – or more specifically – getting more customers and increasing sales and profits.

You also know that in order to build a successful business, you need systems. But most people don’t realize that you can actually systematize your marketing. Instead, they simply practice the “marketing idea of the week” and hope something sticks.

The good news is, you no longer have to figure it out on your own.  Jean Hanson is an Authorized Duct Tape Marketing Consultant, and ready to help you master your marketing and put systems into place that you can use over and over again in your business. She’ll meet with you every other week for 11 total sessions.

What do you get when you sign up for the Duct Tape Marketing Coaching Program?

1. Unlimited access to the Duct Tape Marketing online portal that contains 10 sessions.
Each session includes video tutorials, forms and templates, as well as resource and tool recommendations.

Duct Tape Marketing Portal

Duct Tape Marketing Portal

2.  10 Coaching Sessions, and 1 final review session, conducted online with your Duct Tape Marketing Consultant.

We’ll work together to get through the program and we’ll meet every other week for 5 months.  In addition to the video learning sessions, we’ll be meeting online via GoToWebinar to 1) review your progress with previous assignments, 2) answer your questions, 3) suggest ways to make your marketing even better and 4) preview your next section and assignments.

3. Unlimited Email and Phone Access to Your Duct Tape Marketing Consultant
At anytime during your Marketing Catalyst program that you have a question and would like some ‘quick advice’ . . . email or call!  You have unlimited email and phone access to your consultant between scheduled sessions.

Plus, you have three ways to sign up, so the program can fit most any budget. But more on that later. First, please listen to this short audio from the Founder of Duct Tape Marketing, John Jantsch. Then read the details about the program below.

Jean Hanson with John Jantsch, founder of Duct Tape Marketing

Jean Hanson with John Jantsch, founder of Duct Tape Marketing


Listen to John Jantsch explain the Marketing Catalyst program and why you should work with a Duct Tape Marketing Consultant


The Duct Tape Marketing Catalyst Program has been very beneficial. It has opened our eyes to the importance of social media on the internet. It has given us ways to discover our differences and opportunities to expand those differences from our competition. The marketing funnel has been a real eye opener, and since learning of the concept we have begun implementing the extra steps in order to help us secure more jobs and referrals.We are looking forward to completing the next phases of the course. I would recommend this service to other business owners. The group course has its benefits — it is nice to be able to have discussions about the homework with other business owners and I like drawing on other peoples opinions. You and Steve have been very good instructors, you are very patient with us and I am very grateful for that.

Greg Cantrell, Bright Works Cleaning Services


Marketing Catalyst Overview:

Session #1:
Strategy Foundation: Identify your Ideal Target Market

Setting your marketing goals as well as finding and focusing on a market that values what you have to offer are essential first marketing steps.

In this session we introduce the concept of “Strategy Before Tactics”. We’ll start by asking you to analyze and benchmark your current client base with an eye on identifying your “Ideal Client”. Once you discover your ideal target market or markets, you must define them in a way that is very easy to understand.

Session #2:
Strategy Commitment: Master the Art of Differentiation

One of the most important marketing strategies you must master is the art of differentiation. In this session we’ll focus on the discovery and communication of a core point of differentiation that informs and drives every tactical aspect of your marketing.

We will then wrap things up on focusing on defining, molding and communicating your culture in ways that support a positive brand experience in order to create a very powerful source of business.

Session #3:
The Marketing Hourglass – How to Create a Total Customer Experience

The central element of the Duct Tape Marketing System is something we call The Marketing Hourglass. The hourglass shape emphasizes the importance of creating a total customer experience as opposed to simply going out and generating leads. The steps in the Hourglass – know, like, trust, try, buy, repeat and refer will be linked to specific actions or processes in your business designed to move prospects and clients logically down the path of the Hourglass.

Session #4:
Content Building Plan: Produce Content that Builds Trust, Educates and Gets You Found

Marketing today is more about being found and less about going out and hunting. In today’s online, socially enabled world the currency of being found is content. Clients expect to find lots of information when they search and in this session we’ll help you create your plan for consistently producing the kind of content that builds trust, educations and gets you found.

Session #5:
Total Web Presence: Tools and Tactics to Take Full Advantage of the Online Buy and Social Media Participant

It’s no longer enough to consider your Website enough as an online marketing tool. It’s got to stand up and practically beg people to interact with it.

In this session we will discuss the various tools and tactics needed to take full advantage of the online buyer and social media participant.

Session  #6:
Winning Search and Local Online: Dominate the Local Search Game

Local prospects and customers use the Web to find local businesses – everything from legal services to shoes. Positioning your business to be found by those local buyers can be the difference between surviving and thriving.

In this session we’ll show you how to dominate in the local search game by following a well thought out 5-step process. Plus we will discuss the three most important things to SEO,  provide you with an SEO toolbox to help you get ahead in the search game.

Session #7:
Lead Generation 1: Advertising – Integrate Your Advertising with Content Strategy for the Greatest Return on Investment

Advertising is one of the legs of the “Lead Generation Trio” and while it is potentially one of the more expensive items in the marketing budge it still plays key role in our system.

In this session you’ll learn how to integrate your advertising spend with your content strategy to get the greatest return on investment.

Session #8:
Lead Generation 2: Public Relations & Referrals – Drive Lead Generation Efforts to Consistent and Predictable Results

In this second session on lead generation we will dive into specific plans for the other two legs of the Lead Generation Trio – Public Relations and Referrals. These two powerhouses, when used in conjunction with advertising and content, can drive your lead generation efforts to consistent and predictable results – the kind the make marketing look easy.

Session #9:
Lead Conversion and Selling: Steps for Turning an Educated Prospect into a Paying Customer

Many small business owners dislike the idea of selling. The good news is that when you install and operate the Duct Tape Marketing System, you’ll find that your prospects will be sold in some cases before your first meeting.

In this session we’ll show you the steps involved in turning an educated prospect into a paying customer.

Session #10:
Putting it All Together and Keeping Score – Create a Marketing Calendar to Map Out Your Plan of Attack

Marketing momentum requires consistent work over the long term and is best managed by creating an action plan and marketing calendar.  By creating  monthly projects and themes supported by weekly action steps and appointments you will heighten the focus on marketing and the building of your marketing system in full production.


Session #11:
Final Homework Review, Q&A, Implementation

Two weeks after Session 10 you’ll meet with your coach to check in and receive feedback on the homework you’ve been assigned. In this session we’ll also answer any questions you may have on implementation of the Marketing Catalyst System, and where you go from here.

Program Delivery Options

The Marketing Catalyst is offered in three program options to best meet your needs and budget:

1. Self-Study Marketing Webinars:

The self-study option is a good choice for someone with a high comfort level with the basics of online marketing, and who has the self-discipline to work through the program individually.

$47 a month  – or –  $597 for lifetime access
Gain access to recorded marketing webinars that include Action Steps, along with forms, templates and resources for that lesson.  After going through the entire Marketing Catalyst Program, you can access webinars for Total Online Presence and then Referral Engine Pro. Plus, we’ll be adding more content to the site over time and as we learn of new marketing tools that can help your business grow.

The Self-Study Marketing Webinars also has a Free, 2-week Trial available 

Learn more and sign up for the Self-Study Marketing Webinars here


2. Group Coaching:

The group coaching option is great for those with little knowledge about online marketing, and who want more instruction and accountability to take action with what they learn. We are limiting the group to 8 people. The sessions are held via the online collaboration tool, GoToWebinar, and are recorded.

$1397 for group coaching and unlimited access to the online portal. The portal includes videos, forms and templates, and resources.
Down payment of $497, with 4 monthly payments of $225

If you are interested in joining our next group, Contact Us for more information.


3. One-On-One Coaching:

The one-on-one coaching option is great for someone who wants individual attention and help installing an online marketing system in their business. This option includes 11 sessions held every other week, with your Duct Tape Marketing Consultant. You’ll also receive unlimited email and phone support between sessions.

$3500 for coaching and unlimited access to the online portal. The portal includes videos, forms and templates, and resources.
(Five payments of $700)

If you are interested in One-On-One Coaching, please start by filling out the Free Marketing Audit. Once we receive your completed audit we will contact you to schedule a time to review it and discuss your options.

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