Marketing Tip – Local Greenhouse’s Unique Email Marketing Strategy

I love the way this local greenhouse has differentiated itself from the competition in a way that gets their customers talking. In fact this strategy has their customers anxiously awaiting their weekly email from the greenhouse! Wouldn’t you love it if your customers anxiously awaited YOUR emails?


What do you do to differentiate YOUR business from the competition? Please post your comments below.

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    1. Interesting , I’m working now on my marketing plan and for sure I want my company to be different from competition.I have few ideas but maybe you can share what you and Steve did with your companies how you were different and have great success . Right now I’m reading every post on marketing section on myhousecleaningbiz . I told you I can’t stop reading 🙂


      1. Hi Chris,
        When we had our cleaning companies, the thing our clients would comment most on was our fast response. They would mention that with other companies they used, it was hit or miss on when they’d hear back. But whenever they called us we responded immediately and had someone at their location if it called for it within an hour. Sometimes they would even tell us – it’s not urgent so you don’t have to take care of it right now – because they knew if they didn’t we’d be right on it.

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