Local Foundation Package

Who Needs the Local Foundation Package?

The LOCAL FOUNDATION MARKETING PACKAGE is designed to help your business get more exposure, more traction, and ultimately more leads. It is for companies that understand that one marketing tactic is not enough to build a sustainable business. It is the marketing foundation that addresses the most critical elements of a successful marketing plan, and applies them in a proven, systematic method.

What is included in the Local Foundation Package?

  • Content and Social Strategy
  • Directory and Citation Cleanup
  • Reputation and Review Management
  • Ongoing Local Optimization
  • Key Metrics and Competitive Tracking
  • Client Meetings


Content and Social Strategy

  • We will write two blog posts per month, optimize for SEO and publish to the website
  • We will also publish 50 social media posts per month to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Posts are handcrafted, taken from your content, industry influencers, and proven engagement tactics to stimulate engagement.

 Directory and Citation Cleanup

  • Establish agreed upon NAP (name, address, phone number) for all directories.
  • Google My Business Optimization.We will audit the status and quality of your listing and optimize it to include correct NAP, hours of business, website URL, geo-tagged photos and video.
  • Start a process of submitting and claiming directory listings using our automated submission tool to submit your business profile to over 60 Directory and Citation sites.
  • Determine monthly offers/images/videos update process to keep the citation sites fresh and updated.

  Reputation and Review Management

  • We will create an online portal that is used for uploading customer lists and asking for testimonials that are auto-populated to your website, and requests for online reviews.
  • We will set up the portal and train you and any other users in your company.
  • Weekly or monthly reports included, online review monitoring is also included.

 Ongoing Local Optimization

  • We will execute ongoing, basic SEO activities to improve local SEO.
    These activities will be spread out over the year. Included are activities such as:
  • Optimize social media descriptions and NAP
  • Optimize title tags and descriptions for each page of your site
  • Optimize images with alt-text
  • Fix broken links
  • Optimize links with descriptive text
  • Optimize blog posts
  • Backlink research and strategy

 Key Metrics and Competitive Tracking

  • Key metrics dashboard and/or reports – to monitor growth and improvement in key indicators such as website traffic, social metrics, and keyword ranking.

Client Meetings

  • Status calls to review projects and adjust plans
  • Phone calls as needed to discuss ongoing project

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