Facebook Advertising and Content Marketing Package

No traffic? No leads? No problem.

Let us find more of your ideal clients with Facebook Advertising and Content Marketing. Start attracting new clients within days, not months, using our powerful Facebook advertising and content marketing package.

You’ve got a great looking website, but few people are coming to visit. Worse yet, the few that visit are leaving without contacting you for a quote or conversation!

How do you generate more qualified leads to your website, faster?

Content Marketing is effective because it will attract targeted traffic to your website. Also, the more quality content you create on your site, the better it will develop a relationship with your audience and position you as an expert in the industry. One thing to understand is Content Marketing is a long-term solution. 

That's why we included Facebook Advertising in this marketing package as well. With our Facebook Advertising strategy, you can start to generate quality leads right away for your business. 

This combination strategy of Facebook Advertising and Content Marketing can set up your business to capitalize on short-term lead generation and long-term growth at the same time. 

Our Facebook Advertising and Content Marketing Package is a 2-Step approach.

  1. First, you need to generate targeted leads quickly and we do that through online advertising with Facebook ads to drive traffic to offers that generate quality leads.
  2. In addition to this paid advertising strategy, you want to have an organic traffic strategy that will continue to work long-term after it has been created. This is where content marketing comes into play and we help you do that through relevant content and blog posts. Each new blog post is like a new billboard targeted at your ideal customers that is advertising your business 24/7online.

Facebook Advertising and Content Marketing Packages include:

  • Facebook ads
  • Custom audiences and lookalike audiences for your ideal customers
  • SEO optimized blog posts to drive targeted traffic to your website
  • Call-to-action development on content 
  • Additional benefits from our Marketing Packages, as desired

We’ll solve your 5 trickiest advertising and marketing challenges:

Problem: No new leads are visiting my site.
Solution: Facebook ad programs can drive people directly to request quotes and content marketing can attract new leads to your website. 

Problem: My site visitors don’t become customers.
Solution: This happens because your content is too salesy. We help you shift your content from just selling people to value-based content that will help solve their problems. When you do this, customers come to you rather than having to chase them down.

Problem: I've tried Facebook advertising before and just waste money.
Solution: We help you set up Facebook ads that are targeted and based on your existing customers and those who are interested in your content and offers. This is much more sophisticated than boosting random posts or offering discounts on your service. 

Problem: I don’t have time to learn how to use online advertising.
Solution: We’re online advertising experts who generate a stream of fresh leads for your business.

Problem: I’m not getting new customers fast enough.
Solution: Ramp up your leads quickly with our Facebook Advertising and Content Marketing Package and pair it with one of our Marketing Packages to create a comprehensive business plan.

Below are details for your Facebook Advertising and Content Marketing package

$500 Setup fee for your Facebook ad setup to drive leads to your landing page and content marketing strategy development.

Additional ad campaigns = $500 setup fee per new campaign

$1000/Mo Maintenance for managing Facebook ad campaign and 1 SEO optimized blog post a month – Plus we recommend a minimum ad spend of $300/mo

NOTE: Client pays for monthly ad spend budget separately to Facebook. We recommend a minimum ad spend of $300/mo

If your ad spend budget is over $1000/mo we will charge the following added rate to your $750/mo budget to cover management costs:

  • $1001 - $2500/mo ad spend budget: add an additional $500 per month for management ($1250/mo total)
  • $2501+ ad spend budget: contact us for pricing

Here is what will help us make your ad campaigns successful:

  • We recommend using photos of your employees cleaning homes or businesses for optimal ad performance.
  • If you have a testimonial video from your customers, we can create more advanced ads and targeting to improve results and lower ad spend.
  • Existing customer list: With an existing customer list we can create lookalike audiences based on your existing customers for more targeted ads that can increase conversion rates.

This package has a 4-month minimum commitment

The first step to getting started is to fill out the Intake form. Once you complete the form, we will contact you to set up a time to discuss Facebook Advertising and Content Marketing for your business.