7 Simple Ways To Get House Cleaning Leads For Your Business

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Do you constantly ask yourself, “where can I get leads for my cleaning business?” Having a steady flow of house cleaning leads can make or break your cleaning business. In today’s post, you’ll learn 7 ways to generate more house cleaning leads for your cleaning business.

Use a quote form popup to generate more house cleaning leads

One of the first steps to generating more house cleaning leads for a cleaning business is having a specific quote form page. Certainly, that is a bit obvious, but another option you can utilize on your website is a popup with a call to action of getting a free quote.

You could also add a discount or some kind of special incentive alongside this free quote popup. The reason for this is that most people who visit your site for the first time, may not realize your key difference between you and your competition.

Therefore, you might need to offer a bit of an incentive for someone to sign up for your free quote beyond just the quote. This can help you generate more house cleaning leads for your cleaning business.

Also, if you do decide to offer a discount or some kind of incentive, you should try and make it revolve around some kind of repeat business. For example, you might offer that someone could get a free house cleaning when they sign up for 6 months of ongoing service.

You could even offer a free fridge cleaning, or room of carpet cleaning, or free oven cleaning. One thing to keep in mind is that if you do give away something for free or offer a discount it still needs to be profitable.

Ideally, you shouldn’t offer something that is very time consuming, or that is not practical to use as something you offer for free. You may need to offer limitations or restrictions so that you don’t end up losing money just to generate a few more house cleaning leads.

Develop a lead magnet related to cleaning a home for more house cleaning leads

Another strategy that can help you generate more house cleaning leads is to offer a lead magnet to capture your site visitor’s information. The quote form you implemented could be one version of this, but not everyone that visits your cleaning business website will be ready to get a quote.

If you want to generate more house cleaning leads for your cleaning business, offer something of value that someone interested in cleaning would want. For example, you might create a guide on the best cleaning products every homeowner should have on hand.

This could be a list of the best cleaning products for the most common household cleaning projects. You could even include videos or additional information on the best cleaning methods to go with each of these cleaning products.

In this case, it’s likely that if someone wants to know what are the best cleaning products and better cleaning methods, they value a clean home. Therefore once you gather their information you can continue to remarket to them in the future.

If timing isn’t right for these new house cleaning leads to initially sign up for your cleaning services, they might be interested down the road. It’s your job, once you capture the lead, to continue to provide value and to educate that house cleaning lead on why hiring your cleaning service is better than them doing their own cleaning.

Your content should also position your cleaning business as the best option for them to hire and that hiring your cleaning service is the better choice compared to one of your competitors.

Use blogging as a method to generate house cleaning leads

Now that you have a lead magnet in place you need quality content to nurture those house cleaning leads and to attract new visitors to your cleaning business website. Blogging is one of the best ways to do this.

With a blog on your cleaning company website, you can create content that addresses your ideal cleaning client’s needs, answers their questions, and educates them on the benefits of having a cleaning service.

Blog posts have a lot of advantages and benefits for growing your cleaning business. One is that it allows you to educate your potential customers and to sell to them all without being salesy or pushy.

People love to buy, but they hate to be sold to. This concept is essential when you are creating content for your blog posts. Throughout your content, you can promote your cleaning business, but you do it subtly.

For example, let’s say you were writing a blog post on kitchen cleaning hacks. A call to action could be something like, “Instead of dealing with cleaning your kitchen on your own, why not let xyz cleaning services take care of it for you and save yourself hours of time and stress? Click here to learn more about our services.”

With this approach, you’ll attract new house cleaning leads to your site because of your helpful content, and then you can sell your cleaning services on the back end.

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Run Facebook ads to get house cleaning clients

Once you have your cleaning company website optimized and your lead magnets in place, and quality content set up, it’s time to start scaling your business. As a residential cleaning company, one of the best ways we’ve found for our clients to generate house cleaning leads is with Facebook advertising.

One thing to understand is the difference between Facebook ads and Google ads. Facebook ads are what you would consider demand generation and Google ads are based on search intent. This makes a big difference in how you create your ads and whether they will generate house cleaning leads or not.

This is why a lot of cleaning business owners end up losing money on Facebook advertising because they think they can create ads like they are Google ads. Most people think that if they just talk about the features of their services and people will just buy.

When you run Facebook ads in hopes of generating house cleaning leads, you need to position your ad in a way that highlights the benefits of your cleaning services, and not just the features. Since these people are likely not actively looking for a cleaning service, your Facebook ads need to sell them on why a cleaning service is something they should get.

We know running Facebook ads can be confusing and can lose you money if you do them wrong, but that’s why it’s one of the things we manage for our clients. Click here to learn more about our Facebook advertising packages.

Use review Facebook ads to get house cleaning leads

A variation of this concept for running Facebook ads for cleaning businesses is using testimonial ads or review ads. One thing you should be focused on as a cleaning business is getting more positive reviews from your cleaning clients.

This can help with positioning your cleaning business as an expert in your industry. People want to do business with companies that they perceive as the best. The more positive reviews your company has the more likely your cleaning company will be seen as the best compared to competitors.

In addition to that, you also can use these positive reviews in your advertising. One of the best people to sell your company’s services is happy customers. When you do that people don’t just have to take your word for it.

There are several methods of utilizing this social proof to market your cleaning business with Facebook ads. One is by getting a video testimonial from your customers. With that, you can create a video ad that drives traffic to the free quote page you set up on your website.

Another version of this is to take screenshots of your various written testimonials and string them together into a video. Facebook for whatever reason doesn’t like images with too much text, but using a video with these testimonials gets around that.

Certainly there is a lot more that goes into running Facebook ads for a cleaning business, such as targeting, types of ad campaigns, and target audiences, but the ads mentioned above work well for a foundation.

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Use Google My Business to get local cleaning leads

Another option to get more house cleaning leads for free is with Google My Business. An optimized Google My Business Page is a great way to start getting some targeted local traffic for your cleaning business.

Most cleaning business owners either don’t have a Google My Business Page set up or they don’t fully optimize it. If you aren’t already using one, click here to set up your Google My Business Page.

The biggest reason to have a Google My Business Page is that it can help your cleaning company show up in Google Maps. This is a big deal because a lot of free traffic goes to the top 3 sites that show up in Google Maps.

Showing up isn’t enough though. You need to optimize your page and one method that can help your cleaning business rank higher is by having more positive reviews.

We talked about the benefits and uses for reviews earlier, but this is another benefit as well. If your cleaning business shows up as one of the top options on Google Maps, and you have many positive reviews, the likelihood that a person calls you vs your competitors increases significantly.

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Pictures are worth 1000 words

You’ve likely heard it before that a picture is worth 1000 words. This is especially true when trying to generate house cleaning leads from your website or advertisements. Promoting a cleaning business is a bit different than other businesses in the sense that someone is required to let strangers into their homes.

This creates a level of hesitation and it can become a barrier for people hiring your cleaning service. A way to break down this barrier is by using pictures of your employees on your website and in your advertisements.

People want to do business with people and not just faceless companies. The more you can develop a feeling of trust and that your potential customers know you, the more likely they will do business with you.

When people visit your site and can see your happy employees the more comfortable they will feel. This can help you increase your house cleaning leads.

You may also consider interviewing a few of your key employees and just ask them why they like working for your company. Seeing your employees on video is pretty much the next best thing to being with them in person. When your potential customers see your employees and who will be in their home, they will feel more comfortable asking for a quote.

Is there a niche market you can tap into to expand your options for cleaning clients?

Look at generating house cleaning leads like fishing. The more lines in the water, the better chances you will have of getting a new house cleaning lead.

Translating this to your cleaning business, consider giving yourself more options and potential services that people may be interested in. This may not be done immediately, but if you are looking to expand your cleaning business faster, you may consider adding additional services.

For example, you might add in carpet cleaning services or window cleaning services in addition to your general house cleaning services. You might also add in things like move-in/move out cleaning services, Air BnB cleaning, post-construction cleaning, or even sanitizing and odor removal.

With the addition of these extra services, it could increase your revenue per customer, and it could even get your foot in the door with new potential customers. Adding these extra services could help you generate more house cleaning leads and increase your company profits.

You may also consider throwing in some of these extra services for first-time customers or loyal customers. Having these extra perks could be a method of separating your cleaning business from the competition and can help you get more leads.

Overall, when you implement these additional strategies you can start increasing your house cleaning leads and your profits!

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