How to Generate Cleaning Leads Without Offering Discounts

Here's how to generate leads without always offering discounts

Have you ever wondered how to generate cleaning leads without offering free services or discounted services for your cleaning business? Well, offering discounts is what most cleaning businesses do to get cleaning leads, but with the right marketing strategies, you won’t have to. In this post, you’ll learn some simple marketing strategies to generate cleaning leads without offering discounts.

How to generate cleaning leads starts with the foundation of a quality site

One common misconception we run into with new clients is that often they feel that their biggest reason they aren’t getting leads is that they don’t have enough traffic to their website. Certainly, not having traffic is a cause of not getting leads, however, in most cases, traffic isn’t the problem.

Usually, we find the major reason why a cleaning business isn’t generating cleaning leads is because they don’t have a quality website as a foundation. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean the best-looking website, while that is important, it usually means the site isn’t laid out in a way to actually generate leads.

The foundation of this problem is that most people just focus on the features of their cleaning services and not the benefits. Features do have a time and a place to be talked about on your website but it is an afterthought to most visitors.

When people visit your website, they are looking for a solution to their problems, not to hear about how great your company is. When you start to focus your site around benefits, you’ll start to see better results and higher conversions.

The next thing you need to do to generate cleaning leads is to properly set up your Google my business page

If you have an abundance of traffic and leads coming to your site, you won’t need to offer discounts to get cleaning leads. When enough targeted traffic is coming to your site, with a means to capture their information, you don’t have to be desperate and offer discounts to get leads.

Instead, you can just charge what your service is actually worth and get new cleaning clients. This is where a quality Google my business page listing comes into play. When your Google my business page is properly set up you can start to generate a lot of quality traffic to your site and even get phone calls as well.

Most cleaning business owners don’t actually take the time to set this up properly. They may have a Google my business page but they don’t fully fill out the content like pictures, posts, website, and a few other key areas.

Claiming your Google my business page is important, but if you only do the bare minimums with it, don’t expect to get a lot of traffic from it. For example, if you never get any reviews for your cleaning business, you won’t have a good chance of ranking well on the map pack for your location.

As you’ll see in the picture below, a quick search for cleaning businesses near Minneapolis, the top results is a company with the most reviews. When you show up first for your local area and have the most reviews, the more likely you can generate cleaning leads for free without having to offer discounts either.

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Using SEO to get cleaning clients

SEO or search engine optimization is another great way to get cleaning leads without offering discounts because the traffic that comes from SEO is highly targeted. If someone is visiting your cleaning company website and they got there from SEO likely they have a high interest in a cleaning service.

This means that if they are already looking for what you offer, you shouldn’t have to offer a discount to get their business. Many clients we work with will start with a foundation of local SEO to attract new cleaning clients.

Local SEO is a great play to start, but it shouldn’t end there. You can also create ongoing blog content that is specific to your niche to attract even more targeted site visitors.

Check out our recent post here on How to get clients for a cleaning business with blogging to learn more about using SEO outside of local SEO to grow your cleaning business.

Also, something to understand is that while SEO should be a key focus of marketing your cleaning business, it also takes time. Most SEO can take months to start to see the results, and the size of the results aren’t always guaranteed. SEO is something we recommend every cleaning business should do, but it is not an overnight process to see results.

Do you offer free quotes to get cleaning leads?

Offering a free quote isn’t the most revolutionary way to market your cleaning business, but it does work to get cleaning leads. One thing that we find though, is that many cleaning businesses don’t use this call to action in various places on their website.

They might have a specific quote page, or a spot on their home page offering a free quote, but that often isn’t enough. You may consider having a popup show up that really draws attention for your free quote.

Another thing you can do is offer that free quote within blog posts that you write. You can also call it other things besides just a free quote.

You could use terms like, “cleaning estimate”, “cleaning consultation”, “free estimate”, or “instant quote” to name a few. Use a variety of options as calls to action in your posts and throughout your site.

Also, be sure to sell the benefits of cleaning services in conjunction with offering a free quote. For example, you may say something like, “Do you want to see how we can help you get your weekends back? Click here for a free estimate on cleaning services with us and let us handle the cleaning chores and free up your weekends.”

Another method of generating cleaning leads without offering discounts is to offer something else of value

A free quote or discount on your cleaning service isn’t the only thing that you can offer to generate cleaning leads. Another cleaning business marketing strategy that can work well is to develop a lead magnet that helps solve a problem for your target market.

When creating lead magnets for your cleaning business think about things that your target market struggles with or results they want in their life. An example could be something like time savings.

Most likely, people who hire a cleaning service are looking to save time in their life, and hiring a cleaning service is likely one way for them to do that. In this case, you might offer something like a guide on time-saving cleaning hacks for around the home.

Another option could be something around saving money. You could create something like a guide on picking the best cleaning products for the least money. From there you could transition into explaining how time is money and that if they want to save a lot of time and money it would make sense to hire your cleaning business.

Regardless what your lead magnet offers, once you get someone that downloads it, you can then follow up with them and sell them on your services. This can be a way to get targeted cleaning leads and sell your services without offering discounts first.

Offer an upsell service instead of a discount to generate cleaning leads

Have you ever considered offering additional cleaning services as a bonus to new clients instead of offering a discount? This can be another great strategy to get cleaning leads without having to offer a discount.

Plus when you offer an additional service that you normally charge for, this can open the door to continue to add that service on into the future. An example of this could be to add on an additional window cleaning with their first cleaning when they get your free quote.

The key to this is to choose some kind of service that you normally have as an upsell that also is very low cost for you to perform. If you offer something that takes a lot of time or resources to perform for your new clients, it can become cost-prohibitive to you.

Another advantage to this method is that you are getting your new cleaning clients used to paying the full amount for your service and exposing them to what some of your upsells are like. They will experience the main aspects of your cleaning services as well as the higher-end upsells that you offer.

This can also help with retention because your new clients won’t see their bill go up unless then continue with your extra services. Also since they already tried your higher-end services they are more likely to stick with them.

Now that you have multiple options to get cleaning leads it’s time to spread the word

We talked a bit about creating blog content for SEO, but as you create content you want to start sharing it on social media. Having great content that capitalizes on SEO is one way to get leads for a cleaning business, but relying on SEO alone can take time.

Ideally, you want to combine your efforts on SEO with promoting your content on social media. By doing this you can start to drive traffic back to your website and when people are there they will see your options to get a free quote or other lead magnets.

When you do this in conjunction with your SEO efforts you can start to see results faster.

One thing to understand is that most people who visit your website for the first time likely aren’t ready to buy immediately. This means you want a method of being able to continue to market to them on an ongoing basis.

In order to remarket to your list, you need a reason to send them back to your site. Each time you create a new piece of content this can be a great reason to bring potential customers back to your site.

Each time you do this, it can help transform that cold traffic into a warm cleaning lead that is ready to buy your service.

Create a YouTube channel to get more free traffic and cleaning clients for your business

Another underutilized cleaning business marketing strategy is video marketing on YouTube. You may not realize it but YouTube is another extremely powerful search engine. It’s number two in the world only second to Google.

Plus Google owns YouTube, so they can work hand in hand. You also might not know that for some keywords it can be hard to rank in Google, but rather simple to rank on YouTube and vice versa.

This means that if you really want to take advantage of marketing your cleaning business with SEO you should be using both platforms.

Some ideas of the kind of content that can work well with YouTube are things like how-to videos, cleaning demonstrations, or other value-based content that helps your target market.

For example, you might consider doing a cleaning hacks video series to complement your blog posts. Then what you want to do is simply use the call to action of telling your viewers that if they want to get a free quote on your cleaning services, click on the link in the description of your video.

If someone watched a video on cleaning hacks, they clearly want a cleaner home, and your cleaning service could be a way to do just that! That means if you drive traffic from those videos to your site, it will be very targeted and it is a great audience to generate leads from without having to offer a discount on your services first.

If you want even more cleaning clients faster, consider advertising with Facebook or Google ads

If you’ve followed the cleaning business marketing strategies outlined above, you have a good site as a foundation and quality content in place to generate cleaning leads. You are likely already getting more leads or will be soon if you are just getting started.

Now that the foundation for marketing your business is set, you may consider using advertising to accelerate your results. Again we want to emphasize that advertising usually isn’t the first step to your cleaning business marketing strategy.

If you jump into advertising too soon, and you send someone to a broken site, or a site without lead magnets or offers to get leads, you will just be wasting your money. However, with all the marketing strategies mentioned above in place, adding advertising into the mix can be the next logical step.

SEO and creating content are great, but those also both take time to bring in new leads and cleaning clients. With advertising, you can flip a switch and start to generate cleaning leads right away.

However, understand that while it sounds simple, Facebook advertising and Google advertising does have a learning curve. Advertising the wrong things, or marketing your business in the wrong way, can waste a lot of your profits.

If you’re looking to start advertising your cleaning business check out our post: Top 5 Facebook Advertising Mistakes Cleaning Business Owners Make.

Advertising can be a tricky thing to learn as a cleaning business owner, so instead of trying to figure it out on your own, you may consider having us at Marketing Systems By Design do it for you. Click here to fill out our marketing checkup and see how we can help you grow your cleaning business faster.

Follow these marketing strategies and start getting more cleaning leads today!

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