5 Strategies For How To Get Airbnb Hosts As Cleaning Clients

How To Get Airbnb Hosts As Cleaning Clients

As the popularity of Airbnb grows, more and more people are deciding to become Airbnb hosts to generate some extra income. At the same time, one of the drawbacks to becoming an Airbnb host is having to clean after each guest’s stay. This is where your cleaning business can come to the rescue. In this post, you’ll learn 5 ways to get more Airbnb hosts as cleaning clients.

Create An Airbnb Cleaning Service Page

The first thing you should do on your cleaning company website is to create an Airbnb cleaning service page. If you want to attract Airbnb hosts to your website and convert them into new clients, they first need to know you offer Airbnb cleaning as a service.

Without a specific Airbnb cleaning service page, people will either assume you provide the service or don’t. In most cases, they will assume that you don’t or at the very least aren’t an expert in the service if you don’t have a dedicated page.

In addition to that, when you have a service page for Airbnb Cleaning Services, you’ll be much more likely to attract Airbnb hosts to your website through SEO. When people search for terms like “Airbnb Cleaning Services”, and you have a page on your website optimized for that, search engines are more likely to show your website than a cleaning company without a dedicated service page.

Something else you’ll want to include on this page, as soon as you can, are positive reviews from clients that have used your Airbnb cleaning services. Having a 3rd party talk about the benefits and value of your cleaning service can greatly help improve conversions and can help you generate more leads.

Write Airbnb Related Blog Posts

In addition to an Airbnb cleaning service page, you can also write Airbnb cleaning related blog posts. You want to cover the main foundation keywords on your Airbnb cleaning service page, but there are plenty of other keywords that won’t fit on this page.

For example, you might create a blog post around something like, “Is hiring an Airbnb cleaning service worth it?”. This is likely a common question new Airbnb hosts are considering especially if they expand into owning multiple properties.

When you create blog posts like this that are focused on answering common questions of your ideal customers, it builds trust, credibility, and authority for your cleaning business. On top of that, it also gives you the benefit of SEO and having additional relevant search terms that can bring targeted traffic to your website.

The key to writing blog posts that people will actually read is to combine a value-based post with keyword research. Having a relevant post is great, but if it’s not positioned in a way that people are actually searching for, it doesn’t matter.

One strategy to get ideas is to type in a title you are thinking of using in Google and then scroll to the bottom of the page for related searches. These related searches are search terms that real people are actually using. If you can adjust your title and content to include these search terms it will usually perform much better and attract traffic through SEO.

using keyword research to attract airbnb hosts as cleaning clients

Join Facebook Groups For Airbnb Hosts

Another method of finding Airbnb hosts for cleaning clients is through networking. One great place to do this is through Facebook groups. Facebook has groups for almost everything, even for Airbnb hosts.

You can discover these groups by simply searching for Airbnb hosts and then filter by groups. You may also try searching for just Airbnb for even more results.

join facebook groups for airbnb hosts

Then once you have joined these groups you can begin to network with potential clients. In addition to networking, if the group allows it, you could post your helpful blog posts. This can drive targeted traffic to your website from these Airbnb Facebook groups.

In addition to that, you might consider asking questions that can start a dialogue with potential clients. For example, you could post something like, “I’m just curious if any hosts have tried a cleaning service for their Airbnb properties?”.

Doing a post like this can result in a lot of comments, from hosts that have either tried a service or not. At this point, you can connect with those who have yet to hire a cleaning service and possibly switch over those who have hired a service to yours instead.

Using Facebook Ads As A Means For How To Get Airbnb Hosts As Cleaning Clients

Now that you have started to build your organic marketing strategy to attract more Airbnb hosts as cleaning clients, you want to scale your results with paid advertising. Paid ads like Facebook ads are a great way to get more targeted traffic to your website content and offers.

If you have already built your Airbnb Cleaning Service page and a few blog posts, these are great places to send traffic. Also, you might create some kind of download or discount for Airbnb hosts that your ads promote. This is called a lead magnet, and it can help you generate more Airbnb host leads.

In addition to having a compelling offer that an Airbnb host would be interested in, you also want to choose the right targeting for your ads. You can follow the same strategy as above for finding Facebook groups but just filter by pages instead. When you do this you will get a list of pages that would likely contain an audience of your ideal customers and Airbnb hosting related pages.

Not all of these pages that show up will be targeting options through Facebook ads, but some of them will be and you can begin with targeting people who like those pages. Eventually, as you get traffic to your Airbnb blog posts and service page, you can create lookalike audiences based on those visitors to show your ads to. This can help reduce your ad spend and improve conversion rates.

Using Google Ads As A Means For How To Get Airbnb Hosts As Cleaning Clients

Running Google Ads is another effective way for how to get Airbnb hosts as cleaning clients. Similar to Facebook ads, you’ll want to send people to your Airbnb cleaning service page, blog posts, or related lead magnet.

The difference with running Google Ads compared to Facebook ads is that Google Ads are search-based, while Facebook ads are interest-based. This means that with Google Ads you could specifically target people who are actively searching for Airbnb cleaning services.

This means that with the right keyword targeting you can send highly targeted traffic that is likely to convert to your pages and offers. You’ll need to do some keyword research first in order to avoid wasting your ad spend on the wrong targeting. However, this shouldn’t be too difficult to come up with relevant search terms for Airbnb cleaning services.

Another thing that is important for running a successful Google Ads campaign is having an optimized landing page. Where you send traffic from Google Ads needs to be relevant and useful for the related search terms you are targeting. If the landing page is designed poorly it won’t convert, and your ads will end up costing more in the long run.


Overall, when it comes to strategies for how to get Airbnb hosts as cleaning clients, the strategies are similar to attracting most types of clients. First, you want to build a content marketing plan centered around an Airbnb cleaning service page and related blog posts.

This foundation of content can attract new clients through SEO while also building authority, trust, and credibility with potential clients. Once you have this content built, you can use it in a variety of ways, such as with networking, and paid advertising.

Network by joining Facebook groups specific to Airbnb and those that would attract Airbnb hosts. From there you can share your content if the group allows it, and this can send many of your ideal clients right to your site.

You can also search for Airbnb-related pages that you can potentially target with paid ads to expand your reach even further. With Google Ads, you can directly target the most relevant keywords like “Airbnb cleaning services”, or “Airbnb cleaning” to quickly reach your ideal customers.

Use these methods to promote your Airbnb cleaning services and you’ll be attracting new potential clients in no time!

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