How to increase conversion rates on your cleaning business website in 9 steps

How to increase conversions on your cleaning company website

Having a website is an essential foundation step for marketing your cleaning business online. However, just having a website usually isn’t enough to get new customers. You’ll need a lead generation strategy and a strategy to convert those leads on your website. In this post, you’ll learn 9 tips to increase conversion rates on your cleaning business website.

Use real photos

One of the fastest ways to increase conversion rates, and to build trust with potential customers, is by using real photos. Years ago, people may have ignored when companies used stock photos, but that isn’t the case anymore.

With virtually every smartphone having a camera attached that can take quality photos, there isn’t really any excuse to not use real photos in your marketing. Plus, there are only so many stock photos out there for cleaning businesses.

If you are using stock photos on your website chances are that another local cleaning business is also using those same stock photos on their website. This instantly creates distrust in your business and makes you look just like everyone else.

When people are hiring a cleaning business it takes a good amount of trust in the company to do so. Your customers are letting virtual strangers into their homes or business.

By using real photos on your website it can associate a happy face with your business. Doing so will improve your conversion rates and can help people choose to do business with you over the competition.

Showcase positive reviews

Another way to build trust and improve your conversion rate is to highlight positive reviews on your website and in your marketing. It’s basically expected that a company is going to say that they provide good service. Because of this expectation, most potential customers are looking for outside sources that will confirm what you say.

Often, the first place people look when deciding if they are going to hire your business or not is at your reviews. If you have no reviews or several negative reviews it can give potential customers second thoughts about hiring you.

Positive reviews have a lot of other benefits when used in your marketing beyond improving conversion rate. When you accumulate positive reviews on your Google My Business page it can help your business get more free exposure.

Typically, Google will rank business pages that have more reviews and a higher positive review rating better on Google Maps listings. The higher you rank on Google Maps the more free traffic and phone calls you’ll get.

Highlight customer case studies

A more advanced form of positive reviews are case studies. Instead of just a one or two-sentence review, a case study goes into more detail and really tells the whole story.

You’ve probably heard before that “facts tell, and stories sell”. This is why reviews and case studies are so powerful and can help improve conversion rates on your website.

A case study walks your potential customers through the entire process a previous satisfied customer had with your company. Start off by covering the background of the customer and the problems they were dealing with before they hired you.

Next, you should cover why they hired you over the competition. Then, you should explain your process and how you helped to solve the issues they had. Finally, go over how the issue was resolved and how much better things are now that you fixed the problem.

This detailed look into your customer’s background and problems, your process, how you fixed the problems, and the eventual better outcome take people on a journey through the sales process. As people read these case studies they will relate to the customers that hired you and it can build a lot of credibility and trust for your company.

When people feel like they know, like, and trust your company, they are more likely to do business with you which is why it improves your conversion rates.

Focus on benefit messaging

Another reason we see cleaning companies struggle to get conversions from their website is that they only talk about the features of their business. Certainly, features are important to know, like the kinds of services you offer, but to most people, features of a cleaning business look the same from one to the next.

Below is an example from a cleaning company website that just lists features.

features example that doesn't improve conversion rates on a cleaning business website

Do you know what company this is? Probably not. Most likely you have no idea because this list of features could apply to almost any cleaning business.

Listing your features doesn’t do anything to make the company stand out or give a compelling reason why a person should hire them. Instead, you need to focus on the benefits that the features of your business bring to customers.

Incorporate benefits into your messaging and marketing as that is what converts people into buyers. For cleaning businesses, some benefits could include things like, time savings, stress reduction, peace of mind, and more.

Create value-based content

Most people want to hire a cleaning company that is an expert in the industry. One way to position your company as an authority and expert is to create value-based content on your website.

When people visit your website and see little to no content there, it can seem like you don’t really know what you are talking about. Most people who visit your website for the first time are not going to be ready to hire you.

They are typically going to be in research mode and are looking for more information to help them decide if they should hire you or not. This is why having a content marketing strategy is important.

Create content that answers common questions, helps deal with problems, or that simply educates potential customers on the processes you use. Doing this will build the value of your services and showcase your expertise.

Having content on your website will also build trust in your company and is another way that will increase conversion rates.

Portray a professional image

Does your company showcase a professional image? Now, this doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun personality for your brand, but your company should still look professional.

This can include things like having designated uniforms for your cleaning technicians. It might not seem like much but if your cleaning technicians are just in regular street clothes it can come off like you aren’t serious about your cleaning business.

Your website design can also play a part in the professional look of your business. If your website is very dated or the theme doesn’t function well it can reflect poorly on your company image.

The design of your website may not seem like it would have a major impact on the quality job you do with your cleaning service, but it could impact how your company is perceived as a whole.

If your company has a poor image potential customers often will associate that with the quality of your service. Even if you provide the best service in the world, if you look unprofessional many people will think twice before hiring you. Optimize your company image to help increase conversion rates on your website.

Optimize your quote forms

Another aspect of your cleaning company website that plays a large role in conversions is your estimate request or free quote form. One common thing we see with cleaning businesses is that they ask way too many questions on their quote forms.

Certainly knowing a lot about your potential customers is great, but if you ask too many questions many people won’t bother filling out the forms. You want to ask enough questions that are necessary to give a reasonably accurate quote.

Most people who request a quote from your cleaning business are either shopping around for the best price or are seeing if they can ever afford your services. Since not every person who requests a quote is going to buy from you anyway, you might as well get more leads rather than fewer.

When you ask too many questions you miss out on potential leads that could have been persuaded to hire you over the competition. This is important because when someone requests a quote it isn’t a guaranteed sale.

You still need to sell that lead on why they should hire you over the competition and that your services are worth the price. Since you will have to do this anyway, you might as well get as many leads as possible by asking fewer questions and then selling the leads as they come through.

Another way to optimize these forms is to put positive reviews on the landing pages with your estimate forms. This can help show the quality and value of your service from a 3rd party source before someone requests a quote.

Improve your lead generation strategy

Beyond optimizing your estimate request forms, you also want to optimize your overall lead generation strategy. One of the first ways to do this is to make it extremely clear where people can contact you or request a quote.

This means that you want to have your phone number and a button to request a quote above the fold. What above the fold means, is that people will see it right away when they come to your website without having to scroll down the page.

You want to make it as easy as possible for people to request an estimate or to contact you. If people have to scroll down the page they might just leave rather than trying to search your site for a phone number or for a place to request a quote.

You can see an example of what having a button and phone number above the fold looks like below.

improve conversion rates by having calls to action above the fold

Another way to optimize your lead generation strategy is to have lead magnets besides just requesting a quote. Not everyone who visits your site the first time will be ready to request a quote. Because of this, you want other ways to capture their information.

You can do this with other lead magnets such as offering a discount, or some kind of free download in exchange for a name and email. That way you can continue to market to these people in the future which can further increase conversions.

Set up and optimize your follow-up and sales process to increase conversion rates

Now, this next step doesn’t really happen on your cleaning business website, but if you don’t follow this step your conversions from the leads on your website will be much lower.

So many cleaning businesses we talk to think that their sales and follow-up process is good enough, but in most cases, it’s the reason people aren’t buying from them. You can have an amazing website and run ads to generate lots of leads, but if you can’t close the leads on the backend it won’t matter.

There are several ways to improve your sales process, but first and foremost make sure you answer phone call leads when they come in. So many times we hear stories from cleaning companies that the reason they got a new client was that they were the only company out of several called that actually answered the phone.

Also, make sure to reach out to new leads as quickly as possible. The longer you make new leads wait to hear from you the more likely they will just reach out to another cleaning company instead.

Another thing to include in your sales process is to lead conversations into the next step of your sales process. For example, when you give a quote, don’t just give them a price and hope they continue the conversation. Instead, you could say something like, “Based on the information you gave us we would estimate the price to be $—. We have a few openings where we could schedule a walkthrough this week to get you an exact price. Which day works better for you? Tuesday or Wednesday?”

The key is to stay in control of the conversation when talking to new leads and to guide them into the sale. Doing this will greatly increase conversion rates.


If you are serious about improving the conversion rates on your cleaning company website you need to optimize the little things. For example, it might not seem like a big deal, but using real photos vs stock photos can greatly improve your conversion rates.

Another example of this is having positive reviews and case studies compared to not having them. Everything else could be the same on your website but when people see social proof from other happy customers they are much more likely to buy from you.

In addition to that, you want to focus your messaging to highlight the benefits of hiring your cleaning service not just the features. Certainly cover the features of your services but go beyond that to include the benefits and the advantages of hiring your cleaning service vs the competition.

You can further demonstrate your expertise by using a content marketing strategy and by creating value-based content on your website. When people see your cleaning business as an industry expert they will tend to convert better than when you don’t have quality content on your website.

Part of showcasing your expertise is by having a professional image. Include a great website design and other aspects that highlight your professionalism such as uniforms for your cleaning technicians.

Also, make sure you optimize your lead generation by having various methods to get leads. Make sure your quote forms don’t ask too many questions. Finally, have a solid follow-up and sales process in place to close the lead you do generate to further increase conversion rates.

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