The Best Business Marketing Packages For Cleaning Businesses

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Have you ever considered setting up a business marketing package for your cleaning business, but aren’t sure where to start? There are a lot of options for how you can market a cleaning business. Depending on your goals and budget, what you do for marketing can differ among each cleaning company. In this post, you’ll learn the best business marketing packages for a cleaning business. Plus you’ll learn how to choose what package is right for you.

Decide what goals you have for marketing your cleaning business

When you are deciding between business marketing packages and strategies to use, you first need to decide on a goal. Are you primarily looking to get leads immediately? Are you looking to get a foundation built to attract quality leads long-term?

Or are you looking to combine both a long-term and short-term strategy? That way you can create a balance of results while promoting your cleaning business. There certainly are advantages to each marketing strategy you may choose. However, deciding on your goals can help make the decision easier.

We recommend a business marketing package that would combine both a short-term marketing strategy. This could be a combination of marketing strategies like Facebook advertising or Google Ads, mixed with content marketing. That way you can start getting more traffic and leads quickly with ads. Then you’ll also start to build a foundation of a successful website.

However, one thing to understand is that a quality cleaning business website is a foundation for any online marketing. Without it, your traffic will leave just as fast as they arrive on your website.

Need more traffic to your cleaning company website? Use Google My Business

A foundation marketing strategy that can help you get more traffic and leads, is using a Google My Business page. If you want to get new clients locally, Google My Business optimization should be included in business marketing packages you consider.

Optimizing a Google My Business page is going to fall into a long-term strategy to promote your cleaning business. You can certainly still get some results with a GMB page early on, but it does require some ongoing maintenance to get the best results.

Most people are familiar with a Google My Business page, and likely already have one. Unfortunately, many cleaning business owners don’t maximize it’s potential.

To maximize your results, you’ll want to make sure to fill out every aspect of the page as you can. This means hours, services, pictures, and posts every week or two.

Most importantly, you want to focus on getting reviews on your Google My Business page. The more positive reviews your cleaning business has, the more credibility you have. Another benefit of reviews is you’ll have a higher chance your business will rank better in Google Maps.

A well-optimized Google My Business page can lead to high-quality traffic, leads, and more phone calls to your cleaning business. As you can see in the picture below, one of our clients had over 200 phone calls and almost 350 visitors to their website just from their Google My Business Page over the course of a quarter.

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Other local SEO strategies that should be used in the business marketing package you choose

Most cleaning businesses cater to a small community, which makes local SEO an essential aspect of a business marketing package you may choose. Google My Business is a great place to start, but you should also focus your marketing budget on building out location pages.

If you aren’t familiar with location pages, basically they are when you describe your services, why people should hire you, and mention the city you are looking to serve. Location pages are important to your local SEO strategy because, without them, Google can have a hard time associating your website to the area you serve.

Another strategy you can use to grow your business locally is to write content about local events and other local businesses. While this content might not be the most relevant to your niche, it can allow you to link to local businesses and attractions and it can be another factor to associate your website to the area you serve.

You’ll also want to link your location pages to other content on your site. This can be from articles and blog posts and simply mention your cleaning services and the city in the link. Optimizing local SEO can help your business show up when people use search terms like, “cleaning services near me.”

Putting your cleaning business in online business listings is another service to look for in cleaning business marketing packages. Listing your business on these directories can give you a variety of quality backlinks and boost your local SEO.

Choose a marketing package for your cleaning business that uses content marketing

Having a content marketing system in place can give your cleaning business exposure 24/7 on autopilot. Look at content marketing like mini TV commercials that advertise your business on a continual basis.

When you combine content marketing with SEO and what your target market is looking for, your business can start to attract your ideal customers to you. One of the best forms of content marketing is blogging.

Blogging can use the benefits of SEO to bring people to your website on an ongoing basis. You can write a piece of content once on your blog, but it can drive traffic, leads, and sales through your website for years to come.

If you aren’t sure what to write about on your blog, one tip is to think about what your ideal customer doesn’t know but they need to about your industry that would help them become a customer.

For example, if you had a commercial cleaning business, you might write a blog post that educates people on floor maintenance tips. In the post you could stress the importance of floor maintenance, and that if they don’t maintain their floors it could cost them more in the long run. From there you simply suggest they hire your cleaning business to maintain their floors.

To learn more about blogging check out this post. How to get clients for a cleaning business with blogging.

Does the cleaning business marketing package specialize in lead generation?

If you have a solid foundation mentioned above of a quality website and content marketing strategy for your cleaning business, you should start to generate leads organically. You can further optimize your cleaning business website and marketing with a business marketing package focused on lead generation.

Creating a quality lead magnet should be one aspect of a lead generation package if you don’t already have one. A lead magnet is some kind of offer that you give away for free in exchange for a name, email, and phone number.

If you don’t yet have a lead magnet, you, or the marketing agency you are working with, should strive to develop something your ideal customers would be interested in.

Focus on solving problems, that your ideal clients are struggling with or answer questions that they are seeking answers to. Whatever you decide to create, have it be congruent with your final sales offer.

Simply telling people to join your newsletter list isn’t very effective. Everyone has a newsletter list, so you need to develop a lead magnet that is something people actually want and that they will be willing to give you their email for.

Convert cold traffic into quality leads with an email marketing package

As we mentioned above, not everyone who visits your site for the first time is going to be ready to purchase your services. For this reason, as part of an effective cleaning business marketing package, we suggest adding in email marketing.

Email marketing done correctly can be a great method of building relationships with your website visitors. If you also happen to be using a content marketing strategy like blogging, you can even promote your content with email as well.

This gives people a reason to come back to your site on an ongoing basis. As an added bonus it can help turn cold traffic to your website into buyers. Email marketing works in conjunction with your lead magnet and content marketing system.

As new visitors come to your cleaning business website, a percentage will opt-in for your free give away. At that point, you can work to develop an email series that goes out on autopilot to your new leads.

Each email will build more trust, credibility, and rapport with your list. Then in the future when the timing is right for them, they can become your customer. Email marketing can give you as a business owner massive leverage and it should be a part of a cleaning business marketing plan you use to grow your cleaning business.

To scale your business online quickly, consider a cleaning business marketing package that utilizes paid ads

All of the above marketing packages and marketing strategies can help your cleaning company get more traffic, leads, and clients. However, all of those strategies also rely on organic traffic.

Organic traffic is great because it can come in passively after the initial work is done. Unfortunately at the same time, relying on organic traffic alone can be a slow process.

This is where a paid advertising marketing strategy can come into play for your cleaning business. Typically we recommend most cleaning businesses start with both an organic marketing strategy and paid marketing strategy to speed up their results.

If you rely on organic marketing alone it can be slow to get leads. At the same time, if you only focus on paid traffic, you have no foundation for the future. Paid advertising campaigns like Facebook ads or Google Ads, can drive quick results and leads. However, the downside is when you stop paying for ads, the leads stop flowing.

For this reason, we recommend choosing a cleaning business marketing package that combines the best of both worlds, like our Facebook Advertising and Content Marketing package.

Need help choosing the best business marketing packages for your business? Fill out this quick survey on your business and apply for a call with our team to map out a game plan for your business!

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