Video: Which Marketing Message Is More Effective? You be the Judge

In this episode of Strategic Marketing Tips we compare two TV ads. You be the judge! Which marketing message to you think is more effective in converting prospects, and how can you apply this strategy to your own business?

Watch the short video and share your comments – I’d love to hear your thoughts!


I’ve noticed recently in our TV market, two Personal Injury law firms, doing a lot of advertising. And to me, there’s no comparison on who I would choose should I ever need to hire this type of attorney – if I had to choose based on the commercials.

The first commercial starts by showing a man in a suit, rolling up his sleeves, which means he’s ready to go to work for me. Then it moves to a video of several corporate looking people, very serious looking men and women, coming together in a group, with the name of the firm at the top of the screen. The whole commercial is narrated by a male voice-over talent.

The second law firm has a series of commercials in which you never see an attorney. Every commercial features a real person that went through a life-altering accident. One man describes helping a colleague change a tire on the side of a well-known local freeway, when he was hit from behind by another vehicle. The result is that he lost both of his legs. Then they cut to his wife describing the call that no one wants to get. They tell their story in a very personal, compelling way that most of us can relate to. The couple goes on to describe that what was important to them, was to be able to focus on his recovery; not all the legal aspects of the accident. And of course the attorneys took care of that piece so they didn’t have the added stress.

So which commercial do you think is more likely to convert viewers to clients when a personal injury attorney is needed? Of course you know the answer to that — the second example with the real life stories.

You can talk all day long about what a great product or service you provide. But having real people talk on camera about the great experience they’ve had using your product or service, is about 100% more effective because it’s just so much more believable and relateable. And in this particular example, they took great care with the details of the story to make sure the viewer understood that these were real people and not just actors.

So if you don’t have any videos or case studies from customers that prove the value you provide, then I challenge you to make it your mission to take this important step in marketing your business. You may be surprised just how effective it is!