7 best commercial cleaning marketing ideas that actually work

commercial cleaning marketing ideas that really work

It seems like almost daily there is a new marketing idea that could help grow your commercial cleaning business. Because of this, many people get caught up in the “shiny object syndrome” and jump from marketing idea to marketing idea and never see consistent results. The reality is that there are a few commercial cleaning marketing ideas that work time and time again that you should be using. In this post, you’ll learn the 7 best commercial cleaning ideas that actually work.

Networking events and groups

Digital marketing is certainly one of the best commercial cleaning marketing ideas you should be using, however, don’t neglect offline marketing strategies entirely.

One of the best ways to generate new business as you are just getting started is through networking events and groups. You can also leverage personal relationships to generate new leads and potential clients.

A networking group that we have seen typically generate the best result for commercial cleaning business owners is the chamber of commerce. This allows you to make connections with other local business owners and to build relationships with them.

Don’t go an immediately pitch your cleaning business, instead get to know the people in these networks, and eventually, when the timing is right you can bring up doing business together. You could casually mention that you are in the commercial cleaning industry and if they happen to know anyone looking for a change they can let you know.

It might not be immediately that they give you a referral or they themselves decide to do business with you, but when you plant seeds like this it can eventually lead to new clients.

Prospecting on LinkedIn

In addition to actively networking and prospecting offline, another one of the best commercial cleaning marketing ideas is to prospect on LinkedIn. The benefit to prospecting on LinkedIn vs on other social media platforms is that you can filter searches for new connections based on job title.

Typically you are going to want to network with and connect with those that are likely to hire your commercial cleaning service. With this in mind, you can search for potential connections for people that have positions like facility manager, property manager, etc.

Once you get a few connections in these niches, it becomes much easier to expand your connections base accordingly. Similar to in-person networking, don’t immediately ask for the sale.

Instead, introduce yourself and let your new connections know that you own a commercial cleaning company. You could also add a quick elevator pitch on how you help your clients or your core difference. Highlight why people choose your company over the competition and the benefits people get from working with you.

Then simply let them know they are welcome to reach out to you if they have any questions or know anyone who may benefit from your services. This process can lead to a steady flow of new leads for your cleaning company.

Google My Business

Another great commercial cleaning marketing idea that really works is using a Google My Business page. The reason this is one of the best marketing ideas for commercial cleaning businesses is that it can generate a high volume of local traffic and phone call leads.

The common mistake we see commercial cleaning business owners make is that they either don’t have a Google My Business page at all, or it isn’t actively managed. Part of managing a Google My Business page effectively is to optimize the page and to completely fill out the profile.

This means you need to select the appropriate business category, fill out your services, and post photos on a regular basis. Another aspect to focus on with your Google My Business management is getting more positive reviews.

Google typically ranks Google My Business pages higher that have a high review score and many positive reviews. Not only does this help with ranking but it also helps to build trust and credibility for your cleaning business.

Build a website

One of the best commercial cleaning marketing ideas you should implement is setting up a cleaning company website. Your website is usually the first place people go when doing research on your company.

Without a website in this day and age, it is hard for people to really take your business seriously. On top of that, if you don’t have a website or if it is poorly optimized people may see that as a potential red flag. Whether it is true or not, most people are going to see your online presence and website as a reflection of how you do business.

If your website doesn’t function well or isn’t professional most people will think that’s how you run the rest of your business. Another benefit to having a website is it can work as your marketing hub. Your website can host your content, you can use it for advertising, and it can help you generate leads for your cleaning business.

The key is to have a quality website design that looks nice, but that is also is high-converting. In addition to that, you also need a website that generates quality traffic. We’ll cover how you do that below, but understand that if your website only looks nice, but doesn’t generate traffic and leads, it’s almost useless.

Content Marketing/SEO

The next marketing idea for commercial cleaning companies that actually works is using content marketing and SEO. These two marketing ideas really go together because if they both aren’t used in conjunction neither works to its full potential.

Content marketing is when you create various pages of content on your website. These can help answer common questions, avoid problems, and educate your ideal customers. On top of that, these pages must be optimized for the right keywords otherwise people won’t find them on search engines.

The type of content you should make consists of a few types of pages. These can include service pages, industry pages, location pages, and blog posts. The key to a successful content marketing and SEO strategy for cleaning companies is keyword research.

Through keyword research, you can determine what the most important pages are to write for your website and what keywords those pages should be optimized for.

Google Ads

Another one of the best commercial cleaning marketing ideas is to run a Google Ads campaign. Google ads can be a great way to target specific keywords that have a high buying intent.

Search terms like “commercial cleaning services near me” or “free estimate on commercial cleaning” have high buying intent. There are many other similar terms you could target as well. People using terms like this are likely ready to hire a cleaning commercial cleaning service in the near future.

There are also various different Google Ads strategies you can focus on. You can have specific goals with Google Ads. This can be phone call leads, sending traffic to your website, or optimizing for form fill conversions.

The great part about running Google Ads is that typically you’ll have a higher conversion rate. The reason for this is that you can target the right buying intent keywords. Facebook Ads can work, but you are showing ads to people who may or may not be interested.

With Google Ads, you are actively targeting people searching with terms related to hiring a commercial cleaning service. The downside is that these keywords have the potential of being more expensive because the competition is higher.

Another strategy is to combine Google Ads with Facebook ads. You can retarget those people who visit your landing pages from Google Ads with Facebook ads. It often takes multiple exposures from your business before someone converts into a new customer.

Social media posting

Social media posting is another commercial cleaning marketing idea that can work well when executed correctly. A big key to using social media effectively for a commercial cleaning company is to have proper expectations.

Social media marketing gets a lot of hype these days. Certainly, it can work extremely well, but in many cases, it depends on the specific industry you are in. If you have a personal brand, provide educational advice, or are in entertainment, you can amass a huge following. This also usually comes with a dedicated engaging audience.

For a commercial cleaning business, you might not exactly fit those criteria. The likelihood your company is going to have millions of followers craving your daily content is small. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t use social media posting effectively to generate traffic and leads.

A great strategy is to focus on making connections and building a following of your ideal customers. This could be building owners, facility managers, and business owners. If you follow the LinkedIn prospecting strategy most of your following will end up fitting your ideal customer avatar. Then when you post relevant content to your audience it can drive those people to your website to learn more. Next, as they explore your site they can become qualified leads. You can follow this same process on other social media platforms to get similar results!


Finding commercial cleaning marketing ideas that actually work doesn’t have to be difficult. When you optimize your online presence and lead with value, it can continually attract your ideal customers.

This also isn’t limited to just digital marketing. Offline marketing ideas like networking and prospecting in groups like the chamber of commerce can also be very effective.

You can also expand your networking and prospecting reach by building your network on LinkedIn. Not only can you build connections with your ideal customers you can post your content on these platforms. As you do this consistently you can drive targeted traffic back to your website.

One way to optimize your online presence is to have a professional website with content that has its SEO optimized. Finally, you should scale your organic results with a paid advertising strategy like Google Ads.

Implement these commercial cleaning marketing ideas and you’ll see a dramatic improvement in the results coming from your online presence.

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