How to get clients for a commercial cleaning business with digital marketing

How to get clients for a commercial cleaning business with digital marketing

Growing a commercial cleaning business can definitely have its challenges. One area many people seem to struggle with as a part of those challenges is digital marketing. When used correctly, your digital marketing plan can attract many of your ideal customers to your business. In this post, you learn how to get clients for a commercial cleaning business with digital marketing.

Build a website

A key foundation to building a successful digital marketing strategy for a commercial cleaning company is your website. Many cleaning companies don’t have a website, or if they do it is not optimally designed to attract potential customers.

Your commercial cleaning business website should be designed to achieve a few specific results. You want your website to build trust, credibility, and authority in your niche, attract your ideal customers, generate leads, and improve conversions.

If your website isn’t currently doing those things, you might need an upgrade. One thing we see that people should be including on their site is real photos. Too often people only have stock photos on their website and that can actually reduce trust rather than increase it.

You also need your cleaning company website to be mobile-friendly. This means including things like clickable phone numbers that directly call your company and sites that dynamically adjust elements to fit mobile devices.

The messaging on your website also needs to be benefit-based not just feature-based. Certainly, people are looking for features to some extent, but they really buy because your benefits outweigh the competition.

Establish your online profiles

The next step of how to get clients for a commercial cleaning business with digital marketing is claiming and optimizing your online profiles. In most cases, we see that commercial cleaning companies don’t have many profiles on social media. They also often don’t utilize all of the key online listings like Yelp or creating a listing with the Better Business Bureau.

These small steps might not seem like a lot, but for many potential customers, they want to at least see a profile on these common sites. If you don’t have a Facebook business page, LinkedIn business profile, etc., it can be a red flag for potential customers researching your company.

Another benefit to having these online profiles set up is that they can give you relevant backlinks to your website. A backlink is a link on another website that refers people back to your commercial cleaning company website.

When search engines like Google see many backlinks that are from legitimate sources, they are much more likely to rank your website higher.

Optimize your Google my business page

One key profile you want to spend a good amount of time with is your Google My Business page. A Google My Business page is an essential element to your digital marketing strategy for attracting local traffic.

Whenever people use search terms like “commercial cleaning services near me”, “janitorial services Boston”, or any other city name, likely a Google My Business profile will be shown on Google Maps. Because of this, it is essential to have an optimized and well-managed Google My Business page.

There are a few steps you can do to optimize your Google My Business page. The first is to fully fill out all aspects of your profile. This means listing your address, business hours, services, and various descriptions of your business.

Also, you’ll want to upload photos on a regular basis. Google seems to rank pages better that have many photos and that use real photos vs stock photos. Google wants to show pages to its users that are active and that seem to be legitimate businesses.

Real photos and posting regularly to show your business is active can be major ranking factors. Another way to rank better on Google Maps with your Google My Business page is by having several positive reviews. This builds social proof, helps establish the credibility of your business, and can improve conversion rates.

Use Content Marketing

Most people want to hire companies that are the best at what they do. One way to showcase your expertise and to attract your ideal customers to your website is through content marketing.

As a commercial cleaning company, there are several areas of content you should cover on your website. The first is going to be to create content focused on your primary services. Along with this, you need to base this around what you offer, but also what people are actively searching for.

For example, to most commercial cleaning businesses you might see janitorial services, commercial cleaning, and maybe even office cleaning as nearly the same thing. While this is true, each one of those keywords has significant search volume associated with it. So while it seems like almost the same thing, it still makes sense to create content and pages around each one of those search terms.

Another type of content you want to make is industry pages. These are pages that highlight your services and experience in specific industries you serve or would like to do business in. For example, you could include things like school cleaning services, bank cleaning services, church cleaning services, etc.

If you’d like to attract even more of your ideal customers to your website you should create blog posts. Blog posts allow you to cover additional topics that are relevant and useful to your ideal customers. With blog posts, you can also target longtail keywords which are longer search terms that people are searching for. Focus on content that answers common questions solves problems, and helps your ideal customers achieve better results.

Optimize SEO

Along with effectively using content marketing, you also want to optimize the SEO throughout your website. Some high-level SEO tactics can get a bit technical but the basics of SEO for cleaning companies are much easier to implement.

We mentioned it briefly above but in order for content marketing to be effective, you need to combine both keyword research and content marketing. You want to have content related to your services, but it also needs to match what people are searching for.

As an example, if you have a cleaning company that does business nationally, it’s great to let people know you serve specific states, but your potential customers will actually be searching for cleaning services by city. This means it would get better results from SEO if you made location pages that are optimized for key cities in the states you service vs pages for states or counties you serve.

Some other easy-to-implement SEO tips are to make sure your page titles and URLs contain the keywords you want the pages to show up for. For example, if you created a bank cleaning services page, you should have the title contain “bank cleaning services” and the URL should contain “bank-cleaning-services”.

Another step to optimize SEO is to include pictures and change the alt-text to describe the picture. Use the keywords you want your page to show up for in the text. For example, if you had a floor care service page, you might have a technician with a floor polisher and could label the picture something like “our cleaning technician polishing floors as a part of our floor care services”.

More advanced off-site SEO strategies can also be added to improve results from SEO even further.

Post and network on social media

Social media marketing for commercial cleaning companies is another way to attract your ideal customers. Social media marketing can be a great place to find new potential customers, but it can be quite time-consuming.

A big factor in how much time you should spend on social media marketing is dependent on your overall marketing budget. Typically if you want to see massive results from social media it is going to require a much larger time commitment than you might think.

For most commercial cleaning companies posting weekly to social media profiles to keep them active is going to be enough. However, if you have the extra time, it can be valuable to use social media more as a networking tool than a passive lead generation strategy.

A great place for commercial cleaning businesses to market and network on social media is on LinkedIn. The benefit to using LinkedIn for commercial cleaning businesses is that you can actively connect with facility managers and business owners.

The search feature on LinkedIn allows you to specifically target job titles of people who would likely hire your cleaning business. As these people accept your connection requests it allows you to start a conversation with them, and they will start to see your posts.

You can build a targeted following on LinkedIn and then as you post content it can drive people back to your website to become leads.

Run paid ads

There are two sides to an effective digital marketing strategy for how to get clients for a commercial cleaning business. One is focused on organic traffic and the other is focused on paid traffic. As a marketing agency for cleaning companies, we really recommend combining both strategies for the best results.

Each method had its own advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantage of organic strategies is that it can take a long time to build and see results, but the advantage is once they are built they can work 24/7 for years to generate results. The disadvantage of paid advertising is that it has a learning curve and you need to continually pay to see results, the advantage is you can generate targeted traffic quickly.

When you use these two marketing strategies in combination with each other they can cancel out each other’s weaknesses and then you can capitalize on both strengths. For commercial cleaning companies, we have found that usually running Google Ads is the best option.

Google Ads work well for commercial cleaning companies because you can target specific keywords that your ideal customers use in the hiring process. When people are actively searching for commercial cleaning companies, they usually know they want to hire one or want to switch providers, and are just trying to decide which company to go with.

If you’ve optimized your organic strategy with a well-designed commercial cleaning website, optimized Google My Busines page, and content marketing strategy, it can increase conversions from your paid ads. Some people are ready to hire you after seeing an ad, but others will do more research on your company first. This is another reason why we suggest implementing both paid and organic marketing strategies at the same time to see the best results.


How to get clients for a commercial cleaning business with digital marketing doesn’t have to be guesswork. With the right marketing strategies implemented, it is just a matter of time before you start to see results.

The first step is to create a well-designed cleaning company website as your marketing hub. From there make sure you claim and optimize your various online profiles and Google My Business page.

With your profiles set up, you then want to implement a content marketing strategy with SEO optimization in mind. Focus on value-based content to attract your ideal customers and to convert them from cold traffic into warm leads.

As you develop your library of content, you also want to share that content on social media. In addition to that, make sure you focus on building your network of ideal clients on platforms like LinkedIn. That way when you share content it can drive your ideal customers back to your website.

The last marketing strategy to get clients for a commercial cleaning business is using paid traffic. With a paid advertising strategy in place, you can drive targeted traffic to your website quickly. This can be used as a way to scale your results. Implement these digital marketing strategies and you’ll build a steady stream of leads and sales for your business!

P.S. Would you like a step-by-step marketing plan to grow your business with digital marketing? Download our free 12-step cleaning business marketing plan here!