How to improve user experience on your cleaning company website

How To Improve User Experience on your cleaning company website In 7 Simple Steps

Most cleaning companies focus on having quality service as a foundation. They also make sure to have great customer service to keep customers and convert new customers. However, one area we often see cleaning businesses struggle with is having a great user experience on their cleaning company website. In this post, you’ll learn how to improve user experience on your cleaning company website.

Declutter your cleaning business website

One mistake that we often see with cleaning company websites is that they give people too many options. This usually is on the company home page and the menu bar.

The name of the cleaning company has been removed, but as you can see in the image above, there are a lot of options to choose from when someone comes to the site. There are 13 different links people can click on which can be quite overwhelming. There also isn’t an option to directly call the company which could also cost them potential leads.

Most people who visit your website are going to be in research mode and are deciding to hire you or the competition. However, this doesn’t mean that you should overwhelm them with information to the point that they don’t take any action.

When people have too many options and don’t have a clear path to follow on your website they will go with a company that makes it easy for them. Decluttering your website can make the path from visitor to becoming a new cleaning lead much clearer.

Include obvious calls to action

Once you declutter your cleaning company website, the next step is to include several obvious calls to action. A call to action is simply a statement or an option for a website visitor to become a new lead or to contact your company.

A few options we recommend are to include a clickable phone number for people to call at the top of your page as well as a button that links to a request a quote page. You may also include a fillable form to request an estimate right in the header of your website.

You should also include a variety of buttons that lead to requesting an estimate throughout your website content. Make sure these elements can quickly be found on your website so people don’t have to search for them.

You want it to be easy for potential customers to get in contact with you. The easier it is to request estimates and to give you a call or to contact your company, the more likely it will happen.

Making your calls to action obvious and easy to access is a great strategy for improving the user experience on your website.

Highlight testimonials

Are you utilizing an effective review management strategy? Highlighting reviews, testimonials, and case studies is another strategy for how to improve user experience on your cleaning company website.

Most people are going to want to check out reviews and see what your customers think of your cleaning business before hiring you. Instead of making people leave your site and search for this information, showcase your positive reviews right on your cleaning company website.

Once a visitor comes to your website you want to keep them on your website until they convert. If people are coming and going and have to look for reviews outside of your website, it is going to be harder to get them back to your site even if your reviews are positive.

There are different variations of review types you can use on your website to improve user experience. For example, you could simply showcase an average star rating at the top of your website to quickly build social proof for your company.

Another option would be to highlight reviews on individual services on your website service pages. For example, if someone left a positive review related to your floor care services, you should include that review on your floor care services page.

A higher-level review is a case study. This is when you go into more detail on an entire customer journey and the problems they had and how your services fixed those problems. With case studies, you can sell through customer stories and often you’ll find new potential customers relate to them. This strategy can greatly increase conversion rates and improve user experience.

Mobile Friendly

Another common issue that hurts user experience on your cleaning business website is when it is not mobile-friendly. More and more people than ever before are only using their mobile devices to search online.

This means that if your cleaning company website is not mobile-friendly it could be driving potential customers to your competition. For example, on some websites, we have seen, that the request a quote button isn’t functional or requires multiple clicks to find.

Typically, the more clicks you ask of a website visitor and the more steps they need to request a quote, the fewer leads you will generate. In addition to that, most search engines are ranking pages based on their mobile usability. If you have a poor user experience on mobile devices it can hurt your ranking in search beyond making visitors frustrated.

As we mentioned above, having clickable phone numbers on your website is part of the mobile-friendly user experience. When a potential customer can simply click on your phone number and it automatically pulls up the call feature with your number, it can lead to more phone calls.

Use a responsive design in your website design process as well. This makes it so the content will scale to fit any device that your end-user might be on.

Fast load times

Making sure that your website has a fast loading speed is another great way to improve user experience. There are several ways to improve the load times on your website.

One way to do it is to make sure the images on your site are not too large. There are various different plugins that can help with this but if you compress the images on your website it can help the pages load faster.

Another suggestion would be to avoid things on your website that float in. Some websites have several sliders and blocks of text float in throughout the site and too many of those can slow down the speed that your website loads.

Use real images on your cleaning company website

As potential customers are deciding on what cleaning company to hire, they often will choose the company they trust the most. Hiring a cleaning business can be a little intimidating for some people as they are letting strangers into their homes or business.

How to improve user experience and build trust in your cleaning business starts with including real photos on your website. When people can see who they are potentially letting into their home or business the more likely they will be to hire your company.

Another reason to use real photos is to stand out from your competition. Using stock photos is alright to do when you are just launching a website, but you need to get real photos as soon as possible.

Most people can tell the difference between a real photo and a stock photo and there are only so many cleaning-related stock photos. After a while, you start to see the same few used again and again on websites. So if you and your competition end up having several of the same photos you don’t really seem to be any different than your competition.

Make your company stand out in a good way with real photos and it can improve user experience and increase conversions.

Include content your ideal customers want

Talking about the many features of your company or how great you think your company is all well and good. However, most potential customers don’t care as much as you may think.

Instead of telling potential customers that you are great, show them by including benefits messaging and content that helps them. For example, use messaging that highlights the benefits behind the features you offer.

If you have been in business for 30 years, tell them why that matters. Explain that means that your cleaning teams are more productive and make fewer mistakes than other companies.

Also, include content that educates your potential customers. Include content on your website that helps answer common questions. Educational content that helps avoid problems your ideal customers have can also build trust and credibility for your company.

Treat your cleaning company website as an educational resource for your potential customers. Doing so will help improve user experience and can help increase conversions.


If you have been stuck wondering about how to improve user experience on your cleaning company website, it can be easier than you think. The first step in improving user experience on your website is to declutter it. Too many options can leave your website visitors confused and prevent them from taking action.

Make your website clear and have obvious calls to action. Doing so will drive visitors to become cleaning leads or to contact you. Another step to take that will improve user experience is to highlight reviews and showcase social proof of your company’s quality services. This can be done by showing reviews, testimonials, and case studies on your website. Don’t make people leave your website to find out what your customers think about you.

Also, be sure to make sure that your cleaning business website is mobile-friendly, loads fast, is functional, and optimized for conversions. Nothing will drive customers from your website faster than a slow website, that is hard to navigate.

Your website needs to build trust to improve user experience. A great way to do that is by using real images. Another trust-building marketing strategy is to include value-based content on your website. The educational content on your website can help build authority and credibility for your cleaning business.

Implement these strategies to greatly improve user experience on your cleaning company website.

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