How to Add More Income Streams to Your Cleaning Business

How to add income streams to your cleaning business

As many cleaning businesses experienced uncertain times during the Coronavirus pandemic, some likely discovered that only having a single income stream could be devastating to their company. Many residential and commercial cleaning businesses lost many of their customers overnight, while others maintained business, or even grew because they had diversified their income streams. In this post, you’ll learn how to add income streams to your cleaning business to protect yourself from a downturn and increase profits when times are good.

Add a sanitizing/disinfecting service to add income streams to your cleaning business

Probably one of the most relevant services you could add to your cleaning business with the recent health scares and pandemic, is a sanitizing and disinfecting service. We’ve seen a lot of commercial cleaning businesses that offer this service continue to flourish even with many businesses shutting down.

For those businesses that stay open, sanitizing and disinfecting is vitally important, and for those that temporarily close, your cleaning company can go in and disinfect everything to make it safe for when employees return.

Some residential cleaning companies are also taking advantage of this need for sanitizing and disinfecting by offering it to homeowners, and also small offices, and even daycares in their local area.

Another suggestion to continue services for your clients that do close down temporarily is to offer deep clean services to prepare for their return to work. You might as well add in a deep cleaning so when employees do return, the business is like a new building!

adding sanitizing services to add income streams to your cleaning business

Add additional services for a commercial cleaning business

If you are looking to diversify your income and increase profits for your commercial cleaning business, likely the best option is to add on additional services. Instead of just providing the basics to your customers, add more services and use them as upsells to your customers.

For example, many commercial cleaning companies add on things like carpet cleaning, various types of hard floor care. These tend to be the easiest to start with as likely every client has a combination of carpet and some kind of hard floor surfaces that you could deep clean and maintain on a regular basis.

Other kinds of additional cleaning services you could provide could include window cleaning, power washing, construction cleaning, ultrasonic blind cleaning.

Some larger commercial companies are even branching into services like landscaping, snow removal, parking lot maintenance, and handyman work.

Add additional services as a residential cleaning business

Beyond sanitizing services there are other additional services residential cleaning businesses can also offer. Similar to commercial cleaning some of the best ways to increase your income are going to be to offer additional services.

As a residential cleaning business you have many of the same opportunities as commercial cleaning services that you could add, you just adapt them to the home environment. For example, you could provide window cleaning, carpet cleaning, ceramic tile floor care, wood floor care, power washing, move-in/move-out cleaning services, post-construction cleaning, and even ultrasonic blind cleaning.

Some residential cleaners also expand into things like outdoor pet cleanup, garage cleanup, and organizing the home. Specialize in your base cleaning services and then expanding into related services for homeowners can be a great way to add additional income to your cleaning business.

Use affiliate marketing to promote cleaning products and tools you use

There are certainly ways that residential cleaning businesses differ from commercial cleaning businesses and the ability to use affiliate marketing is one of them. It usually wouldn’t make sense to use affiliate marketing for a commercial cleaning business, but as a residential cleaning business, there are several options to add income to your cleaning business.

The first step is to become an Amazon affiliate. This means that you can create links to various products and then when people buy them through your links, you can earn a small commission on the product.

For example, as a residential cleaning business, you could do product review blog posts or videos on various cleaning products or tools like sponges, vacuums, mops, etc. Then if you felt the products were worthwhile you could recommend them to your readers through your affiliate link.

People searching for tips on cleaning or product reviews tend to value a clean home. Once they are on your site you can sell them on the value of you doing the cleaning for them, rather than doing it on their own.

You probably won’t make a fortune by any means on these posts, but it can bring targeted traffic to your website with the added benefit of potential commissions from affiliate marketing.

Use YouTube Marketing to promote your cleaning business and earn revenue

Another method to generate more income for your cleaning business is to use YouTube to promote your business. There are many ways to use YouTube to create additional income sources. One of them uses affiliate marketing as we mentioned above.

As you create videos like product reviews, cleaning time-lapse videos, how-to cleaning videos, etc. you can put your affiliate links in the description of the video for products you used in the video. Typically this method again works best for residential cleaning businesses.

In addition to using affiliate links in videos, you can use a call to action at the end telling viewers to reach out to you for a free estimate if they are interested in cleaning services. That way you can generate leads in addition to making affiliate sales from your videos.

Also, as your channel grows it could eventually reach 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time for the year. When that happens you can monetize your YouTube channel. This means you can run ads on your videos and earn ad revenue each time someone watches it!

Adding video marketing on YouTube to your marketing strategy as a residential cleaning business has the opportunity to increase your income in 3 ways!

Put Adsense on website sidebar and in blog posts to generate ad revenue

As we have talked about before, blogging can be a powerful strategy to grow your cleaning business. When you write quality blog posts on your cleaning business website, it can attract a steady stream of targeted visitors to your website.

Over time, this has the potential to be hundreds and even thousands of visitors to your site every month. Another way to monetize this traffic besides leads and sales for your business is with running ads on your site.

Google Adsense is probably the most popular ad platform to run on a website, and doing so could help you to earn income from people who visit your website. Understand though that this option is not going to generate significant income each month overnight. Unless you have a high volume of visitors this is not a significant income stream, but any little bit can help!

Expand into residential or commercial cleaning (whatever one you aren’t doing)

Another option to increase your cash flow is by expanding into residential or commercial cleaning. Each model of a cleaning business has its advantages and disadvantages. By expanding into the model you aren’t doing now, it can improve your cash flow.

If you have a commercial cleaning business you likely have to wait 30 days or more to get paid on work for the month. By adding a residential branch to your cleaning services you could start getting immediate cash flow for your business.

As a residential business adding a commercial cleaning branch could allow you to greatly increase your income. A few large accounts could have the potential of bringing in thousands of dollars of new income each month.

While these expansions can generate more income, understand that you will likely have more expenses to go with it. You will likely need to hire more staff, purchase new equipment, and increase your marketing to effectively grow these businesses. You may need to have some savings or reserves built up before expanding.  Another option is to move into expansion slowly to account for these increased expenses while expanding.

Have customers prepay for services and offer gift cards

If you are hurting for income as a residential cleaning business owner consider prepaying and gift cards.  If you have been losing clients due to the recent health crisis, use these options to retain income. Have your clients prepay for future services when restrictions die down to maintain income.

A lot of people are in fear right now and are worried about letting your cleaning crew into their home. This is understandable, and you might be dealing with cancellations or people postponing services. Run specials that offer a discount on your services if people buy your services in advance for several months.

This method can help you bring cash in now when you need it. It also has the benefit of locking in your customers for future services. You can simply have them redeem their services once things pick back up again.

Another similar option to this is to offer gift card specials. For example, you could sell $250 worth of gift cards, but provide $300 in value. It’s similar to prepaying for services, but people can just redeem the gift cards at the time of service.

Referral program

Creating a referral program is another great option to help you to earn more income in your cleaning business. Some of the best “salespeople” for your company are going to be happy satisfied customers. Do you utilize them effectively?

Most cleaning companies never ask for referrals. You can’t just ask for referrals haphazardly you need to it in a way that can bring in consistent business. One way to get more referrals is to incentivize it. Maybe you offer a free cleaning for a new paying customer or a bonus upgrade in service.

If you have both a residential and commercial cleaning branch, they can work together to provide each branch referrals. Each of your commercial clients likely has homes you can clean. They also likely know friends and family that could benefit from your services. Also, some of your residential cleaning clients likely own businesses. They could also work in offices or buildings that you could clean with your commercial branch.

Make it known that you provide the other type of cleaning service to each group of customers. Simply planting the seed could lead to a lot of new clients for you.

Follow these methods of increasing your income in your cleaning business and you’ll be glad you did!

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