Facebook Ads For A Cleaning Business That Actually Convert

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Running Facebook ads for a cleaning business doesn’t have to be a difficult process when you follow the right process. There are some common Facebook advertising mistakes that cleaning business owners make, but if you avoid those and follow the steps in this post, you’ll have Facebook ads that actually convert.

Before you run Facebook ads for a cleaning business define your ideal customer

Reseach probably isn’t your favorite thing to do, but doing some legwork upfront to understand your ideal customer can make a big difference. If you don’t yet have an ideal customer avatar for your cleaning business, it should be a priority to define that.

Some key points to consider are things like your ideal customer’s needs, wants, goals, and problems. You’ll also want to find out what kinds of things they are into as hobbies, professions, what they watch on TV, what they read, and other demographic factors.

When you know these things it makes your writing more compelling, your ads more effective, and your messaging will connect with the right people. It will also help with your targeting if you don’t have a large customer list to upload into Facebook.

You can also have multiple variations of customer avatars if you cater to various clientele. For example, your cleaning business might be a residential cleaning company but may also clean for Airbnb properties. Those two target markets would require very different messaging to be effective.

Pixel your website

If content is king, data is queen. With how far data analytics have come over the past few years, there are some amazing things you can do to grow your cleaning business.

Optimizing your Facebook ads for your cleaning business is one of them. If you haven’t done it yet, you need to install a Facebook pixel on your website. The sooner you do this the better because it can start tracking data on your website.

If you aren’t familiar with how to install a Facebook pixel check out this post from Facebook. This is a step you should not skip because if you do, you’ll miss out on some of the most valuable data you can get.

When you are spending money on Facebook ads for a cleaning business without tracking what’s going on, there’s no way for you to optimize your ads. Advertising effectively is all about testing and tracking and making improvements accordingly.

You may think your ad looks amazing and will generate a lot of leads and sales, but you won’t know for sure until you actually start running it.

Set up free quote page and thank you page

These next 2 steps will help you to generate more quality leads for your cleaning business. If you don’t already have one you should make a separate page that people visit to get a free quote for cleaning services.

This is important because you can pixel that specific page and start building an audience from it for running Facebook ads for your cleaning business. In addition to a specific page for getting a free quote, you also want to make sure that once someone does become a lead, that you redirect them to a thank you page.

A thank you page is important because you can also pixel that page. This will open the door to build a highly targeted audience and set up conversion ads down the road.

Set up a lead magnet on your website

Another method to generate leads with, in general, and with Facebook ads is using a lead magnet. A lead magnet is something you give away for free in exchange for a name, email, and phone number, or whatever else you want to ask for.

With your ideal customer avatar in mind, you can create a lead magnet that is based around something your ideal customer would be interested in.

For a residential cleaning business, this could be things like product buying guides, cleaning hacks, or other ways to save time or money in relation to cleaning. For a commercial cleaning business, you’d follow the same concept, and could create a guide around carpet care, flooring maintenance, or other cost-saving guides for building owners and managers.

Whatever you decide on, make sure your lead magnet is congruent with your cleaning company and that hiring your cleaning business would be the next logical step after downloading your lead magnet.

Get employee photos

The next thing you’ll need before you start running Facebook ads for your cleaning business is quality employee photos. When someone hires a cleaning service they need to trust the people they are letting into their home or business.

Unfortunately, most cleaning businesses we find marketing online only use stock photos on their website. Some of these photos may look professionally done, but they also look fake.

This means that instead of building trust, these photos actually raise resistance to hire your cleaning business. The good news is, that you could take photos just on a smartphone and that can go a long way to building trust with your website visitors.

You want to use employee photos of them cleaning and looking happy and friendly. Having these kinds of photos will separate you from the competition and lower resistance to hiring your cleaning company.

Using these photos on your Facebook ads and throughout your website can help you increase conversions.

Gather customer testimonials and reviews

Another kind of effective Facebook ad for a cleaning business is using customer testimonials and reviews. There are two effective versions of this type of ad.

One version is simply taking screenshots of various written reviews and combining them into a video. Another version is getting video testimonials from customers.

Both options can work well and are equally powerful because they utilize social proof. Social proof is when you have an outside source or sources confirming the quality of your cleaning services.

This is a great method of promoting a cleaning business because it’s not just you saying how your company is great, it’s other people. Social proof can help establish trust, and credibility for your cleaning business, and can be a great focal point in your Facebook ads.

Using a video Facebook advertisement for a cleaning business also opens up more targeting options you can use in the future.

Upload your customer list and create a lookalike audience

There are many targeting options you can use for running Facebook ads, but one of the best ones you can use to start is based on your existing customer list. Most people think that running Facebook ads for a cleaning business means that you just pick demographics of who you might think is interested in a cleaning service.

While that method could give you a starting point, there are far better methods of running Facebook ads for a cleaning business. Your goal should be to attract more buyers for your cleaning service.

To do this you want to show your ads to people that are likely to be similar to your existing customers. One way to do that is by creating a lookalike audience. A lookalike audience is when Facebook uses some kind of criteria of your choosing such as site visitors, watching a video, or a list of emails you upload and then creates an audience based on that.

This can work very well when you build a lookalike audience based on your existing customers by uploading your customer list. A lookalike audience based on your customers will often perform much better than choosing random demographics. Starting with a lookalike customer list can help you increase conversions and lower ad spend initially.

Set a goal for Facebook ads

Facebook ads goals, facebook ads for a cleaning business

As you can see in the picture above there are quite a variety of goals you can have for your Facebook ads. For a cleaning business, the Facebook ads you’ll likely use most often are traffic, video views, messages, and conversions.

You may use a lead generation ad, but that requires extra steps to add those leads to your lists, and also limits you on some of the custom audiences you can build. With that being said, we won’t talk about those in this post.

Now if you are looking to optimize for leads and have Facebook pixels in place on your thank you pages, conversions or messages ad would likely be best. If you want to start to build custom audiences, lookalike audiences, improve your targeting, and drive traffic, you should use a traffic ad.

Finally, if you want exposure on your review or testimonial videos, and want to create highly targeted lookalike audiences as well as create a good audience to retarget other ads to, use the video views ads. Whatever your goals are for running Facebook ads for your cleaning business, likely there is an ad type that fits your goals.

Choose who to target with your cleaning business Facebook ads

The next part of creating a Facebook ad for your cleaning business is to choose who and where to target. Most likely you’ll be targeting your ads locally unless you are a national cleaning business.

Facebook ads allow you to drill down to the specific zip code you want to target. You can also choose to market in specific cities or a radius around a zipcode or city. You can also exclude cities and zip codes if there are specific parts of town you don’t want to advertise in.

This applies to ads aimed at getting customer leads, but for employment ads and hiring, some of the targeting features are not available. As mentioned above, if you can start by targeting a lookalike customer list audience do that first.

If you don’t have that you can put in your ideal customer avatar demographics and build custom audiences based on visitors of specific pages. A combination of both your existing customer lists and visitor behavior will create the most targeting audience, but that does take time to develop.

The first few weeks of running Facebook ads for your cleaning business will be paying for data. You can certainly still get leads during that time, but over time as you fine-tune your targeting, your cost per lead can go down.

Writing your Facebook ad for your cleaning business

Writing Facebook ads for cleaning businesses can be tough if you have the wrong mindset. Most people tend to write and ad focused on the features of their cleaning services, and that doesn’t really work.

You need to write your Facebook ads in a way that highlights what’s in it for your potential customer and that solves their problems. Facebook ads are different than Google Ads because they are demand generation and not based on search intent.

When someone on Google searches for a term like “cleaning services near me” you can pay money to have your ad come up. With Facebook ads, people aren’t searching for cleaning services.

Instead, you are creating demand for your cleaning business by promoting your ads in front of people that are likely to be interested in a cleaning service. This is why you can’t just list your features and expect people to buy, like you may be able to get away with on Google Ads.

With running Facebook ads for your cleaning service, you need to sell the benefits and why someone should hire your company. A general outline to follow for an ad could be broken down into 3 steps.

  1. List a problem or pain point for your ideal customers
  2. Highlight the benefits of your cleaning services and how they solve the problem in step 1
  3. Use a call to action telling the viewer to get a quote or to learn more about your services

Build audiences that are targeted with Facebook ads for your cleaning business

We mentioned it some above, but as you run Facebook ads for your cleaning services, you’ll want to also build audiences of people who visit specific pages on your website. The main audiences you want to build are any site visitor to your website, people who visited your free quote page, people who visited your free quote thank you page, and people that engaged with specific content.

The idea behind this is you want to build audiences of people performing a behavior you want to happen. This is why you start with a lookalike audience based on your customer list.

You want more customers, so you should base an audience on people who look like them and act like them online. The reason you don’t only use this customer lookalike audience and nothing else because there could be other audiences that perform better.

When you use a lookalike audience based on people who visit a quote page, thank you page, or watch your testimonial videos, for example, those are all good audiences to likely contain potential customers.

Run remarketing Facebook ads for your cleaning business

If you aren’t familiar with remarketing Facebook ads, they are when you run an ad to people who have either engaged with your content or an ad previously. This type of advertising can be highly effective because you aren’t advertising to a cold audience.

Most people do business with a cleaning business they feel they can trust and that they like. Because of this, most people probably won’t buy the first time they are exposed to your cleaning business.

Remarketing ads are effective because it’s like advertising to a warm list of contacts that already know you. You can look at remarketing Facebook ads like pre-heating an oven.

Remarketing ads can be highly targeted as well. For example, you may run an ad only to people who watched over 50% of your testimonial ads. You could also use remarketing to make your messaging more targeted.

For example, you maybe have a cleaning service for car dealerships. You could make a blog post about cleaning car dealerships, and then retarget any visitors to that post with your Facebook ads that advertise a quote on car dealership cleaning.

Test, track, and monitor your cleaning business Facebook ads

Another thing to keep in mind when you are running Facebook ads for a cleaning business is that they do require continual monitoring. Some weeks one ad set will crush it, but other weeks it will jump up significantly in costs, and then go back again.

This is why it’s beneficial to have multiple ad sets you can use in order to cycle through them when certain ones may underperform. Also, some ads you may think will do great, but when you run them you’ll find that they don’t work at all.

Other ads you think will not work that great, but end up performing amazingly. Overall, when you follow the above advice you’ll have ads that can perform very well, but it still comes down to testing, tracking, and then adjusting accordingly.

If you want to tackle running Facebook ads on your own, this post will help, but if you’d like our help that’s an option too. Part of what we do for our clients is to help them set up, and manage their Facebook ads to help them get the best results.

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