How to Get Carpet Cleaning Leads With Facebook Advertising

how to get carpet cleaning leads with Facebook Advertising

If you are looking to increase your profits as a house cleaning business owner, a good place to start is by adding additional services. Knowing how to get carpet cleaning leads with Facebook advertising can be a great strategy to bring on new clients. It can be a gateway to upsell your recurring cleaning services and add additional side income as well. In this post, you’ll learn how to get carpet cleaning clients with Facebook ads.

Carpet cleaning leads can generate a profitable ad on service

As we mentioned above, having a steady flow of carpet cleaning leads can turn into new cleaning clients and additional revenue. For most cleaning businesses the investment in equipment for carpet cleaning can be small compared to the additional profits this service can generate.

Depending on your service area, you may be able to sell your carpet cleaning services for around $100 per hour. This can be one of the most profitable services you offer.

You could also add upholstery cleaning services to bring additional income and expand your customer base. It’s also likely that your existing cleaning clients have their carpets cleaned professionally if they are paying for a house cleaning service.

It might as well be you that provides that service, instead of the competition. Adding this service can increase your overall revenue per customer making your cleaning business more profitable.

Upsell your carpet cleaning leads on additional cleaning services

Even if you provide excellent house cleaning services, not everyone in your market may be able to afford it or think that they can afford it. However, most people have carpet in their homes and may be willing to justify having their carpets professionally cleaned.

Your potential target market will also expand when you offer carpet cleaning services. Certainly, your recurring house cleaning will be your primary income source for your business, but by advertising carpet cleaning services it could be a way to get your foot in the door with new clients.

This could be the in you need to acquire the customer for the first time. Once you have brought these customers on board with a carpet cleaning service your job is to upsell them on your ongoing cleaning services.

You may include special offers of a discount on services, or even offer a trial period that only carpet cleaning customers get access to. If these clients don’t have a large budget you could offer them monthly cleaning instead of weekly or bi-weekly cleaning.

It is much easier to sell to an existing customer than to acquire a new one. Focus on converting these carpet cleaning leads and clients into recurring clients for this reason.

Get some quality before and after photos

The first thing you’ll need to build your carpet cleaning Facebook ads is quality before and after photos. Many people think that they should just rent a carpet cleaner vs hiring a cleaning service.

Others will want to see proof a business knows what they are doing before hiring a carpet cleaning service. You can show that you do in fact provide quality work and your service is worth paying for with before and after photos.

Before and after photos are also a great way to catch someone’s attention quickly. A well placed before and after photo can stop people from scrolling past your Facebook carpet cleaning ads.

Even better than photos is to create a video version of before and after your carpet cleaning services are rendered. If you have a large room you can speed up the video and show the time-lapse of before and after your service.

Videos are more engaging and, like pictures, are a great way to have people stop and check out your ad on Facebook.

Get reviews from existing clients

Positive reviews from your existing clients can be an extremely powerful way to sell your carpet cleaning services. Not only does it provide social proof that others are happy with your service, but it can also portray that you provide quality workmanship.

You may not have these reviews right away, but the sooner you can get reviews on your carpet cleaning services the better. They can be effectively used with Facebook advertising your carpet cleaning services as well.

One advertising strategy is to take multiple photos of your positive reviews and put them together into a short video. When your customers speak positively about your carpet cleaning services it can be more powerful than you saying it.

When you send people to your website from your carpet cleaning Facebook ads highlight reviews there as well. Since people seeing your Facebook ads probably aren’t actively seeking out carpet cleaning services, you’ll need to sell them on why they should do business with you.

Having positive reviews from satisfied customers is just another great selling point. It can also help increase your conversion rate from carpet cleaning Facebook advertising.

Build a landing page and thank you page

If you are paying money to advertise carpet cleaning services on Facebook, you want to also create a landing page and thank you page for your ads. For many reasons, you want to send people from your Facebook advertising to a specific page.

A major reason is for tracking purposes. Most people don’t find their advertising is profitable or have no idea if it is, because they send every ad to their home page. By creating a specific landing page for your carpet cleaning Facebook ads, and a thank you page you can track visitors and conversions.

This is huge because you can see when your ads are working and when they aren’t. Plus when you have a dedicated page for your carpet cleaning services that your ads go to, your ads become more relevant. This means people are more likely to stay on your site when they get there and will be more likely to convert into carpet cleaning leads.

Some things you should include on your landing page are photos of your staff performing the services, reviews, as well as highlighting the benefits of your services. Most companies only talk about the features and don’t even mention the benefits.

People buy on benefits, so make sure you have them as the primary focus on your landing page. Also, make sure there is a form people can fill out to request an estimate on your carpet cleaning services. That way you can capture your site visitor’s information and if they don’t convert immediately you can follow up later on.

Build custom audiences and lookalike audiences

By creating landing pages and thank you pages specific to your carpet cleaning Facebook ads you can really improve your targeting. One of the main reasons people don’t get success in running Facebook ads for carpet cleaning leads is improper targeting.

Most people believe that if they market to everyone then they will get more leads. This isn’t really the case. When you market your carpet cleaning services to everyone it’s like you are marketing to no one.

Your message gets drowned out with every other advertisement out there. A much better option is to build custom audiences to track visitors to your landing page and thank-you page.

From that point, once you have enough site visitors you can build a lookalike audience based on those site visitors. What this means is that Facebook will find people who are very similar to those who already became carpet cleaning leads and you can show your ads to them.

You can even upload a customer list and make an audience based on that as well. This strategy builds a targeting audience that is more likely to be buyers and will have a higher chance of converting.

Check out this post to learn more about avoiding mistakes while setting up Facebook ads for cleaning businesses.

Writing your carpet cleaning Facebook ads

Writing your carpet cleaning Facebook ads probably sounds harder than it actually is. Most people make the mistake of writing their ads all about the features of their services.

While features are important to some extent, most people are going to buy your services because of the benefits they receive. Also, most people aren’t going to need an in-depth explanation of what carpet cleaning is because it’s pretty self-explanatory.

So when you are writing your Facebook ads for carpet cleaning you should emphasize things like your home will smell fresh or your home will have that new carpet feel.

You could also talk about the potential health benefits of carpet cleaning. Saying things like having clean carpets could help reduce allergy symptoms and dust in the home.

Your targeting may include pet owners and you could talk about the benefits of removing stains and smells from pets. There are lots of options, but the idea is to address a problem of your ideal customer, share a benefit they will receive, and then have a call to action.

A call to action is simply telling a person to do something. This could be things like requesting an estimate, visiting your website, or giving you a call.

Create a follow-up strategy

Another final piece of the Facebook advertising strategy is to make sure you have a follow up process in place. We find a lot of cleaning business owners miss this step and wonder why they never convert their leads.

Unlike Google advertising, most people seeing your ads on Facebook for carpet cleaning won’t be actively seeking out hiring a cleaning service. They merely fit the right demographics and interests of someone likely to hire a cleaning service.

This means you really need to sell them on your services and follow up effectively to convert these leads. These carpet cleaning leads will have expressed interest in hiring a carpet cleaning service, but many will still be in research mode and comparison mode.

Because of this, you need to prove your carpet cleaning services are better than the competition. Following up quickly and efficiently is one way to display your company is serious and is the right company to work with. Getting carpet cleaning leads is half the battle, your follow up strategy is the other half. Make sure both are in place before you start running carpet cleaning Facebook ads.

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