How to Set up a Cleaning Company Website that Actually Gets Cleaning Clients

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Whether you are a residential cleaning company or commercial cleaning company, your cleaning company website plays a large role in getting cleaning clients for your business. Unfortunately, most cleaning business websites aren’t set up in a way that actually brings in business. In this post, you’ll learn how to set up a cleaning company website that actually attracts new cleaning clients to your business.

Your cleaning business website needs a call to action on the home page

A common misconception among cleaning business owners is that if they get enough people to their cleaning company website, that sales will follow. Traffic is one essential part of your marketing efforts, but sending traffic to a website that doesn’t convert won’t lead to more sales.

As a foundation for your cleaning business website, you need to have methods of generating leads. One type of lead generation mechanism we recommend is offering a free quote on cleaning services.

At the very least your cleaning company website template should include prominent Call to Action button for getting a quote or estimate. There are two kinds of visitors that will come to your website. Those who are ready to buy, and those that are in research mode and are deciding if they should buy your service or get it from someone else.

Your website needs to be set up in a way that can generate leads and traffic from both kinds of visitors. In addition to the call to action button for a free quote, you could also offer some kind of download in exchange for a visitor’s information.

For example, if you had a residential cleaning business you may give away some kind of cost savings guide on cleaning. For a commercial cleaning business, the give away could be something like a floor care guide.

Whatever you choose, have it be something that solves a problem of your ideal customer. That way they will be willing to exchange their contact information for the offer.

You can also see the picture below of an example of a quote button on a site and a form-fill option as well.

Your cleaning company website should have a clear tagline

If you aren’t familiar with what a tagline is, it is basically a sentence or statement that clearly tells someone what it is you do and how you can help them. Having a tagline is important because it can help separate your cleaning company from your competitors. With an effective tag line, it can keep someone on your website longer.

These days most people have a rather short attention span. If people don’t find exactly what they are looking for in a few seconds, they will be on to something else. This is another reason why having a tagline is important to your cleaning business website. This is also why you should make it something people will see right when they visit your site.

Your tagline should let your visitor know that they are in the right place, you understand them, and that you can help them. For example, if you had a residential cleaning business your tagline could be something like, “We help busy homeowners take the hassle out of cleaning so they can do what matters most.”

An example for a commercial cleaning company website tagline could be something like, “Helping facilities protect their assets and preserve their image with reliable cleaning services.”

Whatever you decide to go with, just make sure it lets your website visitor know that you can help solve their problems.

Your website template should include photos of employees or videos of employees

Another thing you’ll want to have displayed throughout your cleaning website content is photos and videos of your happy employees. For most people, letting strangers into their homes is uncomfortable.

Most people will worry about things like their privacy being violated, their belongings being broken, or even their possessions being stolen. While the likelihood that these things would happen by hiring your cleaning business is slim to none, people will still have these fears.

One job of your cleaning website content is to eliminate those fears. A great way to do this is through employee photos and employee videos.

When people can put a face to who will be cleaning their home it can help build trust and reduce their fears. A video of your employees saying how they love working for your company can be another powerful tool to build trust with a site visitor.

You may consider using stock photos if you are just starting your cleaning business, but we don’t recommend that as a long-term strategy. These days most people can quickly tell when an image is a stock photo or not, so replace any stock photos with your happy employees as quickly as possible.

Check out the photo below from a popular cleaning business franchise to see the utilization of a quote button, tagline, and employee photo right at the top of their home page.

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Focus on the benefits of your cleaning services and not just features 

Another mistake we see people make on their cleaning business websites is that they only talk about their service features and not any of the benefits. It may sound impressive to say that your business has been around for 30 years, but someone looking for a cleaning service usually doesn’t care.

If all things were equal between your cleaning business and another that someone was deciding between, time in business could be a factor. However, new cleaning clients are going to sign up for your service because it improves their life. Typically it’s not because your company has been around for a while or because you do bi-weekly cleaning.

Of course, you should list your features somewhere on your website, but the majority of your focus should be on benefits and what’s in it for your customers.

If you have a residential cleaning business you should talk about things like making someone’s life easier, time savings, stress reduction, or having peace of mind with a clean home. If your business focuses on commercial cleaning it should be centered around things like maintaining assets, keeping up company image, keeping costs down, and quality of service.

Your cleaning company website should also answer common questions your customer may be thinking

When you are setting up your cleaning business website you should always try and get into the mind of your ideal customers first. For example, think about what questions they have or what problems are they looking to solve through a cleaning service.

This could be people who either have never purchased a service like yours before or those who have but are looking for something better. Some topics you want to cover are things like a brief explanation of the services you provide, any kind of service guarantee you offer, as well as mention the training your employee’s go through.

You may also want to include a bit about your company story and why you do what you do. This could be brief about section or at the very least have a link to an about section. People like to do business with people, and not just a faceless company. If you can humanize your business a bit, even if you are a large cleaning business, it can go a long way.

Do you list your service areas and have location pages?

SEO can be a bit confusing to new business owners, but one thing that can help local SEO is creating location pages for the areas you service. At a minimum, you want to list out the areas you service, but in addition to that, you can also create full location pages.

When you include a location page for your service areas it can help to enhance the likelihood your cleaning business website will be found. Doing this can give you an advantage over your local competitors. This isn’t an overnight results marketing strategy, but if you want to dominate the local searches, it should be something you continue to set up over time.

Also, be sure to include embedded maps from Google. When you do that it can help your cleaning company website rank better in search results. Another post you may want to check out on marketing your cleaning business locally is How To Advertise A Cleaning Business With Google My Business.

Include a blog in your cleaning company website template

If people are going to hire your cleaning company, they want to know you know your stuff. People want to hire experts that know what they are doing. Creating quality content on a blog can be one way to establish your expert status.

Anything you can do to separate yourself and your company from your competition the better. Blogging can be an effective way to do that and also increase traffic and generate leads for your cleaning business.

Similar to what we’ve talked about before, your blog shouldn’t just be focused on how great your company is and its features. While that is important, it often isn’t what converts people into new cleaning clients.

Your blog content should be helpful information that educates your site visitors and helps solve their problems. Content like this can help people become more comfortable with making a buying decision. As we mentioned earlier, some will come to your cleaning business website ready to buy, and others will be in research mode.

Having a quality blog on your website can help pull in traffic and help convert those in research mode. To learn more about utilizing blogging to promote your cleaning business, check out this post: How to get clients for a cleaning business with blogging.

Include a FAQ page on your cleaning business website

Another helpful section for your website visitors is a frequently asked questions page or a FAQ page. Having a page like this can help to save your company time on customer service questions. It can also help your potential customer make a buying decision on your service.

There are several categories you can cover on your site that would make sense for a cleaning business. Regardless of if your business is a residential cleaning business or commercial cleaning business you want to cover things like doing background checks on the employees you hire.

People don’t want people they can’t trust in their homes or in their business so that is important to mention. You also want to cover things like the training your employees go through before they are allowed to clean homes or businesses.

Again people are fearful that their property will be damaged or the job won’t be done well, and proper training can help eliminate that concern. You’ll also want to mention the insurance your company has as this is another concern people may have before hiring your company.

By having that covered in your FAQ page it can save you the hassle of answering that question with each potential customer.

Commercial cleaning vs residential FAQ page

Your FAQ page will differ slightly depending on if you have a residential cleaning business or a commercial cleaning business. However, the concept is still similar. You should try and answer the questions your potential customers are wondering about before they can make a decision on hiring your service.

Other things you could cover on your cleaning business website FAQ page could be things like setting proper expectations of your service. For a residential cleaning company that could be things like the time of arrival, what is included in the cleaning, what services are extra, expected time of arrival, etc.

With a commercial cleaning business, you could cover aspects like if your company does day or night cleaning, if your cleaning company provides janitorial supplies for bathrooms, or the types of businesses and buildings you service.

What is your cleaning company difference?

We touched on this briefly in your company tagline, but you should include something about your company difference on your website. Your company tagline is the attention-getter that can quickly keep your site visitors to stay on your page. From there you want to also include a section on your difference or something like a “why hire you” page.

In this section, you can go into detail about superior service, employee training, production rates with your business, quality of service and more. If you aren’t sure about your company difference you might consider doing some surveys of your existing customers to see why they chose your company and continue to use your services.

You could even turn these surveys into opportunities to get testimonials or reviews.

Put customer testimonies and reviews on your website

Reviews and customer testimonies should be another key focal point on your cleaning company website. Social proof is a very powerful tool to sell your cleaning services.

You can talk about how great your cleaning services are, but it will never be as effective as a happy customer telling someone how great your services are. As the old saying goes, a profit isn’t welcome in their own home town.

Most people are more likely to believe testimony from a customer than from the business owner who is trying to sell the service. Reviews are just as important. Many people searching for a cleaning service will solely base their decision on positive or negative reviews.

Make testimonies and reviews a main aspect of your cleaning business website to help increase conversions. If you don’t have a systemized method to get more quality reviews for your cleaning business, check out our service More Reviews Now.

Advanced options to include in your cleaning company website template

If you already have the above aspects included in your website there are a few more advanced options you may consider adding. One is a live chat feature. Having a live chat feature on your website can give a potential customer instant access to a human who can answer their questions.

Automation and FAQ website pages are great and they can eliminate much of the need for human interaction, but sometimes people just want to be able to actually talk to someone. With a live chat option, you can answer a few questions and set up a cleaning service appointment with someone in a few minutes.

Installing Google Analytics to analyze traffic to your website should be something you include as well. This can help you determine how your content is performing and ideas on what content would work well to create in the future.

The final addition we recommend adding to your cleaning company website is a Facebook pixel. When you get to the point of scaling your cleaning business with online advertising having this on your website will be helpful.

The sooner this is on your site the better as it can start gathering data, which you can use to create highly targeted audiences and even retarget people who have visited your website. If you’d like to learn more about Facebook advertising check out this post on Top 5 Facebook Advertising Mistakes Cleaning Business Owners Make.

Follow these cleaning company website template ideas and you can increase traffic, leads, and bring on new cleaning clients faster.

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