Leverage Publicity For Your Business By Posting Announcements In Business Journal Sites

I recently published an online press release about the launch of Marketing Systems By Design.  In order to leverage this chance at publicity for my new business I also submitted the information to the Minneaplis/St. Paul Business Journal. This was about two weeks ago.

The Business Journal sent me an email this morning to let me know they published the announcement on their web site — Jean Hanson Recognition Plaque

When was the last time you leveraged publicity for your business by posting an online press release, submitting your announcement to the Business Journal in your area, or submitting your announcement to the business section of your local newspaper? We used to do this quite frequently with our cleaning business, and often times a client would see it and pick up the phone to mention it or send a copy of it in the mail.

Don’t discount this simple way to get free publicity and links back to your website, and don’t discount the fact that it adds credibility to your existing client base.

When was the last time you leveraged publicity for your business?


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