How To Get New Clients In Any Industry With Industry Pages

how to get new clients for your cleaning business with industry pages

There are many strategies that can work for getting new clients in your cleaning business. One effective marketing strategy that we have found to get new clients in various industries is by adding industry pages to their website. If you have a specific target market you specialize in, or that you would like to expand into, you should create industry pages on your website. In this post, you’ll learn how to get new clients for your cleaning business with industry pages.

What is an industry page and how to get new clients with it

An industry page is a page on your website that highlights a specific industry that you do business in. For example, as a commercial cleaning business, you might service companies in the banking industry, or medical industry.

On this page, you should do a description of how you help businesses in that industry with their cleaning and the challenges you help them solve. For example, if you had school cleaning as an industry page you might list things like you focus on cleaning for health, keeping cafeterias clean, and focus on disinfecting touch points.

If the industry you are covering has a specific process you follow or specialized equipment you use to optimize results, you should list that as well. Creating an industry page gives you a lot of benefits and can help you get new cleaning clients as we’ll explain below.

Why use industry pages to get new clients

An industry page can help you to get new clients for your cleaning business in a number of ways. The first reason that an industry page can help you get new clients is that it raises awareness that you actually service the specific industries you list.

When someone comes to your website for the first time, they are looking to see if you can help them. If they come to your site and don’t see their industry listed as a business you serve, they may assume you don’t service their business or don’t have expertise in their industry, so they will go to a competitor that does.

Having an industry page can also help you with SEO. If you have that industry page listed on your site, there is a good chance it can help you show up locally for searches related to that industry.

Another benefit to making industry pages is that when you have an industry-specific page it helps position your company as an expert. If someone comes to your site and you don’t have a page dedicated to their industry they might assume you don’t clean that or you don’t have much experience in that industry.

Most people want to hire cleaning companies that are experts in what they do, and industry pages can help position you better in the space.

Know your ideal customers in an industry

In order to create an effective industry page you also need a good understanding of your ideal customers. Knowing the background of your target market in a particular industry is essential.

You need to know things like your target market’s problems, goals, desires, and pain points. When you know these things about your ideal customers it allows you to put accurate messaging on your industry pages that they will resonate with.

For example, if you wanted to get new clients that were banks, you could position your cleaning services as a means to portray professionalism and trust through a clean banking environment. When a business is dirty or untidy it can be perceived as sloppy and not trustworthy – the opposite of what a bank wants to convey to its customers.

In addition, banks have specific security protocols that you must be aware of, such as holding trash for a certain time period before putting it into the dumpster.

Knowing these insights on your ideal customers can help you position your cleaning services in the best light.

Write unique content

Certainly, you should strive to have unique content on all of your website but sometimes it can be tough when you are rewriting very similar pages again and again. For example, we see this mistake with many cleaning businesses when they make location pages and service pages.

Instead of writing unique content on each page they copy and paste large pieces of content from one page to another. You need to strive to have as much unique content as you can on your website otherwise search engines don’t show it in search results.

When creating sections of your industry page that explain things like your services, try and do it in a way that highlights the unique benefits of your services to that specific industry. Writing your content in this manner can help you to create unique content and also generate more interest from people in the industry you are targeting.

Use industry-related keywords

Another aspect of building a successful industry page to get new clients is using industry-related keywords throughout the page. For example, the first place to put keywords is in the URL of your new page.

As you can see in the picture below the URL has “school cleaning” in it. This can help get new clients looking for school cleaning services.

You can use the same strategy for any industry you want to get new customers in. For example, if you wanted to get customers in the banking industry you could use keyword terms like, “cleaning services for banks” on your banking industry page.

Again you don’t want to keyword stuff on this page, but use relevant terms for the industry and scatter them in the post organically. Doing this can bring in more targeted traffic and help you get new customers in that industry.

how to get new clients for your cleaning business through industry pages

Link to related services and location page

As you build your industry page you also want to link to other pages that are relevant to the industry page. For example, if you have a service page that talks about floor polishing, that could be something to link to on a school industry page.

If you provide a service like hardwood floor care, you could link to that on an industry page dedicated to commercial office cleaning. Service pages aren’t the only internal page you can link to either.

You also want to associate your industry pages to specific location pages and cities you service. When you do this it can send signals to the search engines that you provide service to those industries locally.

Another type of content you want to link to is related blog posts on your website. For example, if you had a bank cleaning industry page, you could link to a post on how to sanitize touch points to keep your bank safe for customers.

The more interlinking you do on your site the better search engines know what content is related and this can help you get new clients for your cleaning business.

Have an opt-in form to get new clients

Another essential to include on your industry page is an opt-in form to generate leads. You can create a form similar to the one in the pictured below or one that offers something for free.

You can make a lead magnet specific to the industry. For example, it could be something like a cleaning for health checklist for school cleaning. Your opt-in form could also be a form to request an estimate on that kind of cleaning service.

Whatever you choose is fine, but you want to have some method of capturing your site visitor’s information when they come to your industry page. This is crucial because most people who visit your cleaning business website for the first time, are not ready to buy from you. Therefore you need a method to capture their info to follow up with them and to remarket to them in the future.

As you build this list of targeted leads, you can also use that in conjunction with running Facebook ads for your cleaning business. This list can be used to remarket to those leads through Facebook ads and to build a lookalike audience to improve your targeting.

how to get new cleaning clients with opt in forms on industry pages


Overall, there are a lot of benefits to creating industry pages for your cleaning business and they can be an effective method for how to get new clients for your cleaning business.

The basis of these pages is to cover relevant services and content on your site related to that industry. You also want to be sure to link to other related pages that potential customers would find helpful if they are in the industry you are targeting.

These pages can also be used to generate targeted leads, and used in conjunction with Facebook advertising to improve targeting for future advertisements. If you don’t yet have industry pages on your site, you should make that a priority in your cleaning business marketing plan.

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