The Latest Google Changes Affecting Your Cleaning Business

google changes

Are you a Google Ads user, or do you rely on Google for any of your marketing campaigns? This year, Google has introduced quite a few changes – both large and small – that can have quite an impact on how you market your cleaning business online.

Here is an overview of the changes that might affect your business. From the big overhauls, like the re-naming of AdWords, to the new and improved details, take a look at what’s been happening lately at Google.

Saying Farewell to AdWords?

Perhaps one of the main changes to Google this past year is the rebranding from AdWords to Google Ads. More than just a title change, this signifies a bigger shift within Google’s marketing platforms.

Google’s powers reach far beyond a simple search engine;  limiting its advertising platform to key search terms seems outdated. Google Ads has replaced this idea with a more thorough, comprehensive outlook, with machine-learning and more targeted results.

It spans more than just keywords and phrases typed into a search engine: Google Ads is an entire suite of marketing solutions, all of which can help your business. The best news is that much of this information can be changed directly from your website’s overview page.

What’s the thinking behind the change? Well, Google wants to focus on value, transparency, and trust— not just for advertisers, but for their prospects as well. Google knows that your customers want specific, clear information from you, not a generalized response. They’ve altered the way they get your advertising out there as a result.

The Introduction of Smart Campaigns

The introduction that may have the biggest impact on your small business is Google’s Smart Campaigns. Like the old AdWords Express, Smart Campaigns is perfect for small businesses because of its efficiency, ease, and affordability. It’s a streamlined, one-stop shop to market your website.

With Smart Campaigns, you only pay for actual ad clicks. You also receive detailed feedback, so you know exactly what is getting traffic on your website and calls to your phone as well as where they are coming from. It’s perfect for small businesses who are looking to market their companies while staying on budget and it can be a great tool to spread the word about your business.

Google Ads has also introduced comprehensive campaigns, which in some cities even includes Local Ads and Responsive Search Ads. These are tailored to optimize your search results- and Lead Ads to bring in leads at the end of YouTube video views.

Claiming Your Business with “Google My Business”

If you haven’t claimed your business with “Google My Business” yet, you are losing out on both leads and profits. Google My Business (GMB) gives you the opportunity to manage your business’s Google listing for free. This is the first information a lead sees about you during a Google search, and it is a vital part of capturing their click.

With this entirely free service, you can ensure that Google has the most accurate, up-to-date information about your company, which can help increase your score in Google’s search algorithm. This improves your search optimization and putting your website and puts your company’s name closer to the top of the search results page. Your name is seen by more leads at no cost to your business.

Focusing on an Increasingly Mobile World

A big way that Google Ads can help small businesses maximize repeat traffic on their websites is providing more detailed information for both the small business and their customer on a mobile platform.

With new updates in the Google world, you can find out exactly how many users are accessing your website or Google site as well as what devices they are using to access them. Ready to take that information one step further? You can discover how quickly your page loads on mobile devices. This is important information in a world increasingly driven by how fast your prospective customers can access your information.

Take control of your presence in Google’s “For You” feature, now available on iOS devices for the first time ever, connecting you to potential clients via Maps. This will not only make your presence known, but it allows your clients to easily follow your business on social media platforms. This service is invaluable in an increasingly social, constantly connected world.

Constant Changes to the Algorithm

Did you know that Google changes its search algorithm between 500 and 600 times every year? With alterations to these search algorithms happening once or twice a day, every day of the year, how can your small business begin to keep up?

In actuality, only a few of these algorithm changes are major changes, and it can be helpful to know the dates of these changes to see how they affect your website traffic and your rankings. This can help with search engine optimization, ensuring that your business is seen by as much of the right audience as it can be.

So what do you do once a major algorithm change has happened? Don’t let the fear of losing out on your search engine optimization send you into overdrive, making unnecessary changes. Wait it out, do your research, and then make small adjustments, but only where they are needed.

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