6 Tips on Improving SEO for Cleaning Companies

SEO for cleaning companies

SEO for cleaning companies can be a bit confusing. What terms should you optimize for and how do you do it? Do you need to be a tech wizard to be successful at cleaning services SEO or are there things you can do on your own to be successful? In this post, we’ll answer those questions and more with these 6 tips on SEO for cleaning companies.

What you need to know about SEO for cleaning companies

There are several things you should know about SEO for cleaning companies and one of them is what SEO strategies are being used to promote your cleaning business.  If you are looking to hire a company for cleaning services SEO, be aware of what claims are reasonable for results.

For example, some SEO agencies that work for cleaning companies claim that you can be ranking number one on Google after a month or two. Something to understand is that there are techniques that can help your site rank incredibly fast, but those tactics are almost always considered “black hat” SEO techniques.

These techniques may get results quicker, but they also put your business at risk. If the agency handling your SEO is using these types of strategies it could plunge your business to the very bottom of search results if Google finds out.

At our agency, we recommend only “white hat” SEO for cleaning companies, because you won’t have to worry about being penalized and the strategies will work long-term.

Foundations of good SEO for cleaning companies take time

Another key point to mention is that when you use “white hat” SEO, or safe SEO, results take time to happen. For example, if you create a blog post or location page that is optimized for SEO, it could be a week or two before Google even recognizes a new page has been created.

For the full effect and traffic to start coming in, it could take six to nine months or more. Certainly you can start to see some results before half a year goes by, but understand that SEO for cleaning companies doesn’t happen overnight.

One good thing to know is that while results take time to appear, once your pages and posts are optimized, they can continue to work for your cleaning company for years to come.

It is also important to note that effective SEO isn’t the only thing needed for your cleaning business marketing to be effective. You’ll need a quality website and methods on that site to generate leads as well.

If your website isn’t structured the right way, it won’t matter how much extra traffic the SEO generates for your cleaning business. We’d recommend checking out this post to learn more about setting up your cleaning company website. How to Set up a Cleaning Company Website that Actually Gets Cleaning Clients

Write blogs as a method of improving SEO for a cleaning business

Blogging can be another method to utilize SEO for cleaning services. With the right keyword research in combination with local SEO, blogging can dramatically increase traffic to your cleaning company website.

If you aren’t sure what kind of topics to write about, try and get into your ideal cleaning client’s mind. What are their problems, concerns, and common questions? If you can answer those you will position your cleaning company as an expert in the industry and can attract your ideal customers to you.

Another great benefit to blogging is that you can create the posts once and they can continue to promote your cleaning business around the clock. This creates massive leverage for your cleaning business as you don’t have to physically be there for the word to spread.

If you’d like to learn more about using blogs to promote your cleaning business check out this post. How to get clients for a cleaning business with blogging. Also, we know blogging can sometimes take the time you feel that you already don’t have running your cleaning business.

That’s why blogging is one of the services we provide to our clients! If you’d like to learn more about us blogging for your cleaning company, click here to fill out a quick survey so we can find out more about your business and how we can help.

Set up location pages to optimize a cleaning services SEO local reach

Another staple that many cleaning companies miss for optimizing their SEO locally is having location pages. Most cleaning companies list the areas they service, but they don’t always make a full-page that is optimized for each city they service.

Adding in this step can help you drive targeted traffic to your website from the local areas you serve. On these location pages, you want to include an embedded Google map for that city. See the picture below for an example.

You’ll also want to include some information about your cleaning business and then mention the service area a few times and you can also link to the county or city’s home page as well. That way your website will send signals to Google that your cleaning company does business in that service city and can help your site rank better in local searches.

Another key thing to avoid is just copying and pasting the exact same content on a location page and just switching the location. This does not work well. Google may not penalize you for the duplicate content, but it won’t rank those pages either so they’re not doing you any good. You can use other location pages as a guide, but don’t just copy and paste each of your pages word for word – create original content for each page

embeded location map for seo for cleaning services

Creating content to optimize SEO for a cleaning business doesn’t have to be complex

Another issue we hear from cleaning companies is that it’s too hard to come up with content ideas that you can optimize for SEO. The good news is, with a little mindset shift, you can have content ideas for years to come.

The basis of this marketing strategy is to get into the mind of your ideal customers. Think about what they want, their problems, and the common questions they have.

When you do some preliminary research on your ideal customers first and their needs, making quality content is easier than you think. Focus on creating value-based content that serves your ideal customers to attract the right people to your cleaning business.

From this point, you take those topics and combine them with a little keyword research in advance to see what people are actually searching for in relation to those topics. Doing this will help you build content people want to read, but that they are also searching for, which drives increased traffic to your website.

At the same time, we understand that creating quality content takes time and you might just not have it at this point in your business. That’s why as an agency, creating quality content is something we do for our clients. Be sure to fill out this survey on your business if that’s something you would like to learn about, so we can see how we can help.

Also to help you with creating content we put together this post. How To Create Engaging Content To Market A Cleaning Business.

Utilize Google My Business to improve cleaning services SEO and rank higher on Google Maps

As a final tip to improve SEO for cleaning companies, you should set up and optimize your Google My Business listing. Many cleaning companies have a Google My Business page, but they never fully utilize it.

The name of the game is optimization. If you want to improve the local SEO for your cleaning business, optimizing your Google My Business Page is essential.

Imagine any time someone searched for a cleaning company in your area, your business was the first one to show up on top! That’s what can happen when you optimize your Google My Business page and optimize your site’s SEO.

It’s not overnight, but over time your cleaning business can get more exposure and targeted traffic with the right SEO strategy. If you’d like to learn more about using Google My Business to promote your cleaning business, check out this post. How To Advertise A Cleaning Business With Google My Business.

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