Social Media System

Are you too busy working on your business to spend time on social media?

You’re not alone! Most small business owners are simply too busy to create an effective social media strategy.

What if you had a team of writers that could write and post your social media updates for you? What if you had a Social Media System in place for your business?

Social media content that engages your prospects and customers

Our team will find out your preferences, analyze your competitors, and learn more about your industry so we can create custom posts just for you. And nothing gets published without your okay.

Subscribe to this service and you’ll get custom Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn updates crafted just for your company. Packages range from 40 to 150 posts per month.

Why pay for social media posts?

Benefit #1: It will free up your time so you can focus on your most important tasks. You won’t be wasting time wondering what to post.

Benefit #2: Your posts will be authentic. We have real people creating relevant updates just for your company.

Benefit #3: You are in control because nothing gets posted without your okay.

Examples of social media posts created by our team

Facebook social media post example

Facebook post example

LinkedIn Post Example

Twitter post

Social media sites we post to: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

Who is this service for?

In order to qualify for this service, you must:

  1. have your social media platforms already set up (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn).
  2. have content to share.
    NOTE: This service is first and foremost about sharing engaging content that your customers find value in, so you can start building “know, like and trust”. In order to do that you must have your own content in the form of articles or blog posts. Then we sprinkle in other people’s engaging content, and occasional promotional posts about your business.

We package the social media system with other marketing activities such as blog posting and SEO services. Please fill out the Free Marketing Checkup form so we can learn more about your business and recommend a marketing package.


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    • mm

      Mirza, I would first make sure you have a social media page set up on Facebook LinkedIn and Twitter for your business. Once you have that we can help with the content. Pricing is listed above.

    • mm

      Hello Sandra, do you currently have content to share (like blog posts), and your social media sites set up? Social media works best when you have great content to share and don’t make it a series of promotions. It’s about building a rapport and engaging with your followers, which takes time.

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