How To Promote Your Cleaning Business On Social Media

how to promote your cleaning business on social media

There are many effective strategies to promote your cleaning business that can work, but social media is one of the best ways. Unfortunately, most people don’t use social media the right way to market a cleaning business. In this post, you’ll learn how to promote your cleaning business on social media.

Know your target market before you promote your cleaning business

One thing to understand is that if you market your cleaning business to everyone, you are really marketing to no one.  If you want to get results promoting your cleaning business, you need to first understand who your ideal customer is.

It doesn’t matter how much exposure you get for your cleaning business if it is to the wrong people. If you get lots of traffic and people coming to your cleaning business website that don’t really have an interest in hiring a cleaning business, what does it matter?

Targeting the right people is the foundation of successful cleaning business marketing. In order to do that, you first need to research and learn about your ideal customers. Where do they hang out, what are their problems, what questions do they have, what kind of things do they wish they had in their life?

When you know these things about your ideal customers it will allow you to create content that they will engage with. It will also help you know where to promote it on social media.

Use content marketing and a value-first strategy to promote your cleaning business

Now that you know your ideal customers, you are going to want to develop a content marketing strategy based around that. Again your marketing strategy should lead with value first. This means that you should help solve your ideal customer’s problems.

In doing so, they will see you and your cleaning business as an expert in the industry. This can be helpful when deciding on your cleaning business vs another. If you aren’t sure what kind of content would be valuable, think about your target market’s pain points and questions they may have. You can also consider talking about things they may want to know before hiring your service.

As a residential cleaning company, it could be things like cleaning guides, saving time on cleaning, or price savings on cleaning. As a commercial cleaning company, it could be content that is about reducing costs for building owners or how cleaning can maintain their building assets. Other content could be on the unique challenges their industry faces and how you help others with the same challenges.

Focus on benefits to the customer and what’s in it for them. Avoid only talking about your cleaning company’s features. For more great content ideas to promote your cleaning business, check out this post: How To Create Engaging Content To Market A Cleaning Business.

Using Facebook groups to promote a residential cleaning business

Facebook groups can be another great place to market your cleaning business. Typically Facebook groups are going to be best used to promote a residential cleaning business. However, if you find the right group, it could work for a commercial cleaning business as well.

During your research on your ideal customers, you should have discovered some ideas about your ideal customer avatar. An ideal customer avatar is a general listing of your typical ideal customer demographics.

For example, maybe they are busy moms, with kids that play sports, who live in the suburbs, that own homes over 3000 square feet. You can base your customer avatar on your existing clients as a place to start.

With the above avatar as an example, a Facebook group your avatar may hang out in could be a group for stay at home moms. There are thousands of Facebook groups out there, so just search for some of your avatar characteristics, and see what comes up.

Research the rules of the group, but if the group allows helpful posting it can be a good group to be in. With the value-based content you created in the last step, you now have content you can put in the group.

Start promoting your cleaning business with those posts by sharing them in the groups. This can drive traffic back to your cleaning business website. By doing this it can help you to generate quality leads and sales for your cleaning business.

Use Linkedin to promote a commercial cleaning business

While Facebook is likely better to promote a residential cleaning business, Linkedin can be an effective place to promote your commercial cleaning business. Linkedin is full of professional business people, and with some of the search features, you can connect with your ideal target market.

You would follow the same step as marketing in Facebook groups by creating your ideal customer avatar first. For example, if you are looking for potential commercial cleaning clients, it may be a facilities manager, that works with a company that manages multiple buildings, with a building size of at least 50,000 square feet, and that is in your local area.

Linkedin actually makes it pretty easy to find this kind of information.

  1. In their search feature, you can simply type in “facilities manager”
  2. Select people
  3. Click on all filters
  4. Type in the location as the area you want to service
  5. Select 2nd connections
  6. Click on connect

(See picture below of how it looks on Linkedin)

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After you have connected with these facilities managers they will be able to start seeing your posts. You can then begin to share your value-based posts that would be beneficial to them on your Linkedin page.

As things stand out to them, they will visit your site and they can become leads and new cleaning clients for your commercial cleaning business.

How to use Facebook ads to market your cleaning business

Now that you have made valuable content, and are promoting it on your blog, in Facebook groups, and on Linkedin, you might want to scale your results faster with Facebook ads. One reason that most people struggle with Facebook ads is that they are just randomly boosting posts.

The key to success with Facebook ads is targeting the right people with content that will solve their problems and help them reach their goals faster. One of the best ways to reach your target market is with a combination of Facebook pixels and lookalike audiences.

As the first step, you need to add your Facebook pixel to your website. When this is done, Facebook will actually start tracking people who visit your website and content that you are sharing around social media.

Using remarketing and Facebook ads to grow your cleaning company

Gathering this pixel data is extremely powerful because you can re-market to people who have already expressed interest in your cleaning business, but also create lookalike audiences based on those who have engaged with your content.

Doing this means that as you follow the steps above and below this section on promoting your cleaning business on social media, you will be gathering data to improve your marketing in the future.

We understand that Facebook advertising can be a bit confusing and even costly when done wrong, which is why it is one of the things we do for our clients. That way you can focus your time on other aspects of their business and leave the marketing to us.

If you’d like to learn more about having us do your Facebook advertising for you, click here to fill out a survey to help us learn more about your cleaning business and how we can help with your marketing. Also, you may want to check out this post as well: Top 5 Facebook Advertising Mistakes Cleaning Business Owners Make.

Using Instagram to grow your cleaning company

Instagram is another social media platform that likely works better for residential cleaning businesses, but regardless of your cleaning business is residential or commercial, it can be used to drive traffic.

People love transformation photos and before and after photos. You can use that to your advantage as a cleaning business. A content idea for Instagram marketing for a cleaning business can be to post before and after photos of your cleaning jobs.

This can help to promote your cleaning business in a number of ways. One is that it will show people the quality work that you do as a business. Another is that you can use these photos in addition to calls to action to drive traffic to your website and free quote offers.

We would also recommend using hashtags (#) to use popular tags for the cleaning niche. Some of the most popular ones are #housecleaning, #cleaningservice, #cleaningday, #cleaningtips, and #cleaningservices.

People who follow those hashtags are interested in cleaning services, and there is a large chance that your ideal customers are followers as well. You could use these people that engage with your content on Instagram again to build out pixeled audiences and lookalike audiences that target your local area, to attract new customers.

YouTube as a method to promote your cleaning business on social media

YouTube and video marketing are another powerful marketing strategy for cleaning businesses. Video marketing with YouTube has many benefits such as the ability to capitalize on SEO and the content can work to grow your cleaning business 24/7.

You’ll want to follow the same value-based content approach as you did with blogging with YouTube. Similar to Instagram marketing and before and after photos, you can actually use timelapse videos as a method to promote your cleaning business on social media.

Once you start watching a timelapse video, it’s hard to take your eyes away. Similar to before and after photos, this can help show people the quality job you do of cleaning. There are many videos on the YouTube platform that are just timelapse cleaning videos that have hundreds of thousands of views.

Not only could this generate massive exposure for your cleaning business, but if your channel gets to the point of monitization you can even get paid to promote your business with YouTube videos. You can then take that ad revenue to funnel back into your cleaning business to generate even more traffic, leads, and sales. Definitely consider using video marketing to grow your cleaning business.

Using Twitter marketing to grow your cleaning company

Twitter marketing is one of the more underutilized marketing strategies for cleaning businesses. Most people don’t know how to use it to drive traffic and get leads for their cleaning company, so they don’t use it at all.

This could be a big mistake as you can automate many aspects of Twitter and turn it into a traffic machine. It can also be used with the strategies above of sharing value-based content and remarketing with Facebook ads.

Twitter does take time to build a following but unlike the Facebook and Instagram algorithm that blocks some people from seeing your content, Twitter allows all that follow you to see what you share.

This means that as you build up a targeted following, there are many opportunities for people to see your content. Just like all the other social media platforms, we talked about, leading with value first is key. As you do this, people will be attracted to your cleaning business, and you will start to get quality targeted traffic and leads.

Implement these strategies above as an effective method of promoting your cleaning business on social media.

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