Mistakes To Avoid On Your Social Media Business Pages

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With so many different social media platforms on the market today, it can be a challenge figuring out which one works best for you and how to us each one to better your business. What many businesses overlook is the fact that just being on these sites is not enough.

Having multiple social media accounts has SEO value. It is not unusual for a business’ social media page to rank higher on an organic search than its actual website. Of course, engaging with your friends and followers is important for your business also.

Connecting all of your accounts is also important. The content you are sharing should be site-specific, but when it is directly related to promoting your business, it should be shared across the board. Below are a few commonly made mistakes with social media business pages.

Common Mistakes with Social Media Business Pages

  1. Being a Follower – While “following” is a common practice with some applications, following the crowd is not. Just because LinkedIn works best for a certain business does not mean it will do the same for yours. The key is to find what platform works for you and really strive to hit it out of the park on that one. Don’t let old social media pages die. Looking at a social media page for a business that hasn’t been updated in six months makes the business seem outdated and not progressive. A best practice would be to update these old sites weekly with a blog update or other relative information to keep traffic coming in and to show that your business is still up and thriving.
  2. Making It All About You – Social media is not the place to be selfish. Unless you are taking out an ad, you can’t make your time on these platforms about you. Endorse other businesses, find common ground with people in your area and build a relationship. Remember, these are real people sitting in front of their screens reading what you are posting. Building a relationship is the first step in a sale. Going for a hard sale will almost always get you unfollowed by many people.
  3. Not Using Your Business Name – Sure, you should be linking your personal account to your business account, but the primary sharing and interaction has to be coming from the business page. These pages should also have your unique name attached to them, so you are easy to find. Not many people are going to search for your actual first and last name, but you can bet they are looking for the name of the business. It also helps build credibility. Using your business name on Facebook, such as facebook.com/marketingsystemsbydesign, is an easy way for customers and potential clients to find you on social media sites and know they are looking at the Marketing Systems by Design  page.
  4. Doing It All Yourself – It is a full-time job in itself just to keep up a social media presence for the business. For the small businesses that can’t employ someone who works solely on the social media front, have no fear. There are many tools out there that can help you by allowing you to schedule posts in advance and posting across all social media platforms for you. If you try to do it all yourself, you will most certainly get burnt out, usually resulting in a pull-back from social media when you should be pushing forward. Jump into one or two of these programs and let them help you take your business social media pages to the next level.
  5. Forgetting to Measure Return on Investment – Above all else, this is the most critical mistake to make. Using the tracking programs each platform has to offer is actually not tracking your return on investment — it is tracking your return on media. So what is the difference? The difference is that thousands of people may be reading or liking your posts, visiting your LinkedIn profile, retweeting you or following you on Google +, but in reality, they are doing nothing for your business. You aren’t getting paid by people liking you; you are getting paid by people using your services. Using a program like Google Analytics can help you track what is actually going on. You can set up goals and use its features to see what campaigns are working best for your business so you can truly calculate your return on investment. It can be a harsh reality that although you are “popular” on a social media site, it is useless to your business growth at this time.

Don’t Let These Mistakes Hurt Your Business

Making even a few of these mistakes can be the difference between success and a lot of wasted time. Making major social media mistakes can turn your business upside down. In the internet world, news spreads like wildfires and something that has been posted for as little as ten minutes could have already reached hundreds or thousands of people.

If you keep posting relevant content, avoiding these mistakes, across the social media channels that are giving you the best return on investment, you will continue to grow and gain success for your business.

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