Twitter – Best Practices for Getting the Most Interaction

Twitter Best Practices

Social media is at the forefront of many small business’ marketing plans and rightfully so. A business can reach more people in an hour than it could in months, possibly years before social media hit the map. Twitter is one of many social media platforms used to connect with clients.

Coming in just behind Facebook, Twitter is the second most commonly used application for businesses. Search Engine Watch estimates that 77% of businesses are active on Twitter. Accessible by computer and mobile device, this easy-to-use program can really make a difference in your interaction with clients, potential clients and other businesses.

Here are five best practices to help gain quality Twitter interaction and engagement

  1. Tell Your Followers Exactly What To Do – The popular saying “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink” does not apply to Twitter followers. If you want your followers to click on your links or watch the video you just posted, you have to spell it out. Tell them to click on the hyperlink. Briefly explain what it is they are going to see. The better you are at describing the link in very few characters, the better your results are going to be.Tell your Twitter followers what to do
  2. Share Useful Information – Nothing is less interesting than seeing a company send tweet after tweet about something totally irrelevant. The majority of people are following you because they like your products, or they want to know what is going on with your business. Sending out totally useless information is a sure-fire way for prospective clients and other businesses to not take you seriously or even stop following you all together. Tweets shouldn’t be boring and should not be all business, but they should relate to what you are doing.Retweet useful information
  3. Use Visuals – The digital age is all about visuals. Posting pictures is more likely to get retweeted or favorited as opposed to just plain text. Utilizing captivating photos, infographics, and videos will keep your followers’ attention and make them want to learn more. Many people are only interested in something they can glance at quickly, or that contains only a handful of words. Those are the things that stand out to people, not a well-written but long text that doesn’t pop off the page and into their imagination.Use Visuals for engaging tweets
  4. Retweet and Tag When Appropriate – Retweeting and tagging other companies’ content is important for a variety of reasons. First, retweeting industry news shows that you as a company are engaged in what is going on. Sharing these news-worthy tweets makes you seem like an expert in the industry, as opposed to just a small business trying to get noticed. Additionally, it is extremely important to retweet everyone who tweets about you. This gives you credibility, especially if you are recognized by a large, well-known brand.Twitter Tip
  5. Use Hashtags Appropriately – Using hashtags is essential in getting noticed and gaining organic followers. If a prospective client was to search a hashtag, you want to be sure your content would come up. Inserting hashtags into every post is a must-do for Twitter best practices. The key to using hashtags is to make them flow in the tweet. If you are posting about a car, you would want to hashtag the word car the very first time you use it, not just throwing a million hashtags at the end of each tweet. Using them in the body of the tweet makes it read easy, and it is easier to follow. Another important step in using hashtags is to make sure they are appropriate. You won’t want to hashtag the word cat if your graphic or link is all about dogs. You don’t want to leave any room for guessing what you want to be a part of, when it comes to searching.Use hashtags in your tweets

An important thing to remember when using Twitter is that you want all of your followers to be organic. You want them to follow you because you either followed them or they are interested in the industry and services you offer. Paying for followers is never a good idea. If they are not ultimately interested in your products, they are going to eventually unfollow you, leaving you with a high number of followers and a low interaction percentage. Five engaged followers are better than 100 followers who are not interested in what you have to say. You will never improve your conversion rate, and it can greatly damage your true analytics.

Twitter gets the word out fast. As quickly as you can type it, it blasts it to your followers news feed. That immediacy is what many clients are looking for in their business needs.

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