Using Social Media to Build Your Brand

The days of having a professional website as your sole means of providing business information on the internet are long gone. Now, in order to succeed on the web, you must use a variety of social media platforms and plugins to raise your traffic numbers and guide interested people to your website.

So now that you have a blog, a Facebook, Twitter account, Google + account and LinkedIn page, what do you do? How do you tie them all together?  Why should you tie them all together?

Those are popular questions when building your brand, and with valid reason. Simply having accounts on these sites will not get you to the next step. You have to use them together to build your brand. When they are working hand-in-hand, you are on your way to social media marketing success.

Share Content Across All Channels

It is a common misconception to think that sharing the same content on every one of your social media accounts is bad form. It is quite the opposite. Although you may share some of the same followers on different platforms, the reality is that number is quite small in the grand total of all of your followers. If you were to only share content on one platform, you are missing out on hundreds or thousands of others who will not see what you posted.

It may seem overwhelming to have to put your content on each site, but a good social media calendar can help take away the stress associated with publishing your information and help you have a cohesive social media marketing plan.

Although you are sharing the same content, you don’t have to present it in the same way. On Twitter you can only enter a maximum of 140 characters including the link. Make your description brief and to the point so the reader knows what they are getting and wants to click on the link. On Facebook you can write a longer description and it gives you a preview of the content, including a picture right on your post. Sharing relevant content that supports your brand is important. The goal is to make your audience want to read more.

Here is an example of the same post being shown in two different ways:

Sample Twitter post:

Sample Twitter post

Sample Facebook post:

Sample Facebook post

Building your brand is ultimately about your audience wanting to hear what you have to say and trusting you when you say it. When a large brand like Proctor and Gamble makes a statement, people are listening and following what they suggest. You want the same power for your audience, and although you may not be as big with the same massive following as P&G, you can certainly have a loud voice if you use it correctly.

Be Visible

One of the easiest ways to get lost in the crowd is to not have easy directions on where to find you. Your website should have a clear link to your blog and your blog should have clear social media buttons so your audience can follow you on various sites. Even the most interested readers are not going to go digging through pages of content to find contact information or your social media sites. It needs to be front and center. If you want to find Marketing Systems by Design’s social media pages the buttons are at the top of every page, as is our phone number and Contact page. There is no guessing, it is straightforward.

Just as you want clear pathways to your social media sites, you want to make sure to build your social media sites to include clear descriptions of your business. There should be no guessing what it is your business offers. Misleading information or lack of information will turn potential clients away. Also, you should have a visible and clickable link to your web page and point your followers there. Potential clients are not going to go digging around for how to find you, they need it to be right in front of them!

Here is my Business Page on Facebook. Notice the link to the website, clearly visible on the main page:

Business Facebook Page

Here is my Personal Page on Facebook. Notice how I link to all 3 of my businesses on this page. 

Personal Facebook Page

Here is my Twitter Profile. Notice how I was able to link to all 3 of my business websites in the profile.

Twitter Profile

Here is my LinkedIn profile

Be sure to use keywords in the description of what you do, and link to your websites and LinkedIn business page. Also pay attention to your profile photo and background image. Since I’m doing more speaking I had professional head shots taken and a photo of me speaking.

LinkedIn profile

Reinforcing Your Brand with Online Customer Service

When it comes to building your brand, remember that people are now going online to express their pleasure and displeasure at the service they experienced with dealing with your business. Social media is the new 1-800 number for customer service complaints. That means when something goes wrong, instead of picking up the phone, your customers are writing about it online. Hundreds of people will likely see it before you have a chance to even comprehend it. Have a voice and stand behind it. Respond appropriately to every customer service complaint that is posted. This will show people you care.

It’s called social media for a reason. Engage with your followers. Show them there is a person behind the computer and a brand that cares how they look to the world. Apologize when necessary and show empathy. Get them excited for new product launches by showing sneak peeks or by having giveaways. The more engaged you are on social media, the more engaged your followers will be. Larger traffic results in larger sales, which is ultimately the goal of every business.

Additionally, chime in on other social media pages when they share content about things that are in your business realm. Don’t be afraid to “like” something that doesn’t have to do with your business on another business’ page. It won’t hurt your business by showing appreciation for someone else and business allies are great things to have.

Pulling It All Together to Build Your Brand

Building your brand is pulling together all of your resources, your marketing efforts and your social media interactions to build a strong business empire. You want to be a household name, but in order to get there you have to be passionate about it. The success of your business lies solely in your hands and how hard you are willing to work to achieve greatness. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses and making them known will only help you in the long run. Find what you struggle in the most and either outsource the work or learn as much as you can about it and fake it until you make it.

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