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Jean Hanson is a long-time entrepreneur, co-founding two commercial cleaning companies, running a virtual assistant business, and in 2005, launching a business portal for commercial and residential cleaning business owners.

In 2013, Jean partnered with the world’s most respected small business marketing brand, Duct Tape Marketing. She is the only Authorized Duct Tape Marketing Consultant in the cleaning industry and in the Twin Cities area, and is licensed to deliver their proven marketing programs to cleaning companies as well as other local and small businesses.

Through her various presentations and workshops, Jean helps small business owners succeed in today’s new world of marketing. She shares tips and practical solutions attendees can implement right away in their business to start producing results.

Jean Hanson presents 7 Steps to Marketing Success

Clips from “Stop the Overwhelm! Create a Content Calendar You’ll Actually Use”

Comments from attendees:

Mary Schmid, Business Coach, Your Brilliant You:

I attended Jean’s presentation to WIN and found it to be fabulous, fun, and educational. She takes a very broad and complex topic of marketing and succinctly breaks it down to 7 simple steps that was easy to follow. The most important message she delivered was that of strategy before tactics. As women business owners we can easily get caught up in the web of actions and doing what others tell us to do, which gives us no results and eventually giving up. Jean clearly shows us that strategy drives the marketing plan. And when we commit to taking daily action in alignment with the plan, we can get results!

Teresa Thomas, Director of WIN (Women in Networking):

Attendees have been commenting on how valuable it was and that you are a great speaker.

Laura Madden, Laura Madden Lifestyle, LLC:

THANK YOU Jean Hanson! YOU are an outstanding lady! You really charged us up! I’ve got a lot to learn from you & I’m excited! THANK YOU again for the wisdom, charm, passion, and all that you shared on your own success. I get tickles and goosebumps hearing about the ‘celeb’ status you’ve built on your own and knowing my own journey has just begun.

Marita Rahlenbeck, Marita International, LLC, Higher Brain Living

Jean’s speaking skills are quite exceptional, and her topic of streamlining with the Duct Tape Marketing system is, too. She understands this area and I consider her an expert!

Angie Weber, Tenacious:

Jean did a fantastic job presenting the information on creating a content calendar you’ll actually use. With such a big subject, it can be hard to tackle the issues without losing people. Her approach and information was clear and easy to understand!

Kim Julen, Finding Your Fiji:

I love the presentation on content overwhelm. It really got me thinking about some different and new topics I should be writing about that I hadn’t thought of before.

Katy Jo Turner, Beavers Pond Press:

Jean was able to provide a valuable workshop for professionals with varying marketing experience. It was rich with content, yet digestible. Jean is well-spoken and friendly, and I am impressed!

Connie Shank Hertz, Essentially Youthful:

Great job today presenting at WIN, Jean! Thanks for all your words of wisdom!

Laine Torres Bartley, Photographer:

Great presentation! Thank you Jean!

Sheryl M. Snitkin, Virtual Assistant:

You were great!

Jean Hanson, marketing consultant, speaking to small business owners


7 Steps to Marketing Success

20 – 60 minutes -or- Half-Day Workshop

Ever worry that your marketing plan lacks focus and direction? Learn the steps to creating a Marketing System that produces consistent and predictable results instead of trying hit or miss tactics each week. Make your business stand out in a crowded marketplace by starting with strategy and resulting in success with less chaos and more sales.

You will learn how to:

  • Develop a marketing strategy that creates momentum
  • Narrow your marketing focus to capture ideal customers
  • Create content and marketing materials that educate
  • Generate leads from multiple sources
  • Live by the marketing calendar

How To Create Your Total Online Presence

40 – 60 minutes -or- Half-Day Workshop

Marketing has entered a new age and if you’re not keeping up the search engines and your competitors will leave you in the dust. A web site is no longer enough — today you need a total online presence. If it all sounds overwhelming, you’re not alone. In this presentation Jean will help you sort through the chaos to make sense of it all.

You will learn:

  • How to build your content and inbound marketing platform
  • How to get found through organic SEO
  • How to convert leads with email marketing
  • How to get the most from your social media sites and automation tools
  • How to get the most from online advertising without breaking the bank

Fill Your Marketing Hourglass

Workshop: 30 – 60 minutes

A happy customer is the greatest source of ongoing, profitable business. During this workshop we’ll look at the total customer experience from the time they come to know your business to the point where they are a loyal referral source.

The Marketing Hourglass emphasizes the importance of creating a total customer experience as opposed to the idea of the sales funnel, which is simply going out and generating leads. The steps in the Hourglass – Know, Like, Trust, Try, Buy, Repeat and Refer, will be linked to specific actions or processes in your business designed to move prospects and clients logically down the stages of the buying process.

The workshop includes an interactive activity for each participant to build their own “Marketing Hourglass”.

Winning the Local Search Game

40 – 60 minutes

Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo have become one of the primary ways people find local products and services. This reality significantly increases the need for business owners to master this thing called local search. In fact, if your business doesn’t show up on the first page of local results delivered when people type “something they want + their city name” into the search box, your business simply can’t compete.

In this presentation you’ll learn the six areas you should address to increase your chances of winning in the local search game.

  1. Build out your local search profiles
  2. Claim Your Space on Review Sites
  3. Clean up your NAP
  4. Make your web pages local friendly
  5. Keywords in Titles & Descriptions
  6. SEO cupcake

STOP the Overwhelm: Create a Content Calendar You’ll Actually Use

Workshop: 40 – 60 minutes

Overwhelmed by the thought of having to write content? You’re not alone. Few people have time these days to stay consistent with cranking out content for their online presence. So what’s a busy person to do?

In this workshop you’ll receive strategies for creating content that’s compelling, that prospects are searching for, and that aligns with your marketing goals. You’ll also receive a simple content calendar template you’ll actually use and have your strategy in place before you leave the workshop!

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