Marketing Differentiation: Are You Making This Mistake?

  • Have you embraced the idea that having an ideal client is vital to your business success? If you answered, “Yes,” you’ve set yourself ahead in the race for more customers. But that's just the first step. Marketing differentiation is critical to achieving success for your small business. A solid marketing strategy requires knowing both your ideal client and what you do differently from most of your competitors. It takes courage to narrowly define one target market and focus on meeting its needs…

    Video: Your Core Difference – Do You Know What Makes Your Business Unique?

  • Do you know what your core difference is for your business? That thing that makes your business stand out from your competitors. If not, watch the video to learn how to figure it out and leverage it in your marketing messages. Transcript: One of the things I talk about a lot when it comes to marketing, is knowing what makes you different. Because let's face it, most businesses say the same old things, like "we've been in business for 20…