Unique idea for a direct mail piece

Marketing Tip: Unique Direct Mail Piece

  • If you're looking for an idea for a unique direct mail piece, then watch this video. I was opening my mail today and had a different sized item that was wrapped in a cellophane envelope. So I took the bait and opened it. Then I ripped the strip off and guess what happened? You'll have to watch the video to find out! Just keep in mind that no matter what kind of direct mail piece you send out, that even…

    Video: Template For Creating Your Ideal Client Profile

  • You always hear the marketing experts tell you to create an ideal client profile, or ideal client persona. Many people like to skip this step, figuring it doesn't make sense and doesn't apply to them. This video will give you a simple template for creating your ideal client profile and just why it's so important. Video Transcript: One of the things I do with clients when I start working with them on their marketing is to ask about their ideal…