Social Media Marketing Strategy For Commercial Cleaning Companies

Easy social media marketing strategy for commercial cleaning companies

  • Social media marketing can be a powerful tool in your digital marketing strategy, but a lot of commercial cleaning companies don't use it effectively. Most commercial cleaning companies either don't have a social media marketing strategy or they have improper expectations on what social media can do. In this post, you'll learn how to create a social media marketing strategy for commercial cleaning companies. (more…)

    How to Build a Successful Personal Brand on LinkedIn

  • Everyone has a personal brand, whether they know it or not. The things that you’ve said or done have created an image of who you are, and the manner in which other people perceive this image defines your level of success and your influence. In the business world, you know initial impressions are vital, but your actions and your appearance after that first impression are just as important. But can you control the perceptions of other people? Sure you can. Think…

    6 Ways to Find Your Target Audience on Social Media

  • You’ve set up all of your social media accounts and are ready to go. Now what? How do you use social media to find your future customers? It’s not as simple as adding friends and followers like you would to your personal page. Or is it? The real answer is that it is easy to find your niche on social media as long as you have a plan and are willing to do a little bit of work to get…

    Using Social Media to Build Your Brand

  • The days of having a professional website as your sole means of providing business information on the internet are long gone. Now, in order to succeed on the web, you must use a variety of social media platforms and plugins to raise your traffic numbers and guide interested people to your website. So now that you have a blog, a Facebook, Twitter account, Google + account and LinkedIn page, what do you do? How do you tie them all together?  Why…
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    Mistakes To Avoid On Your Social Media Business Pages

  • With so many different social media platforms on the market today, it can be a challenge figuring out which one works best for you and how to us each one to better your business. What many businesses overlook is the fact that just being on these sites is not enough. Having multiple social media accounts has SEO value. It is not unusual for a business’ social media page to rank higher on an organic search than its actual website. Of…