How to Attract Your Target Audience to Your Website

  • One of the biggest struggles most small business owners face today is getting the right people to their website. Sure, it can be exciting to see a lot of traffic on your site, but if you aren’t getting the right people (your target audience) visiting the site, then it's not going to help increase your income. Consider this. If you have 500 views per day, but only 20 of them are people who would use your products or services, your time…

    What’s The Difference between Your Target Market and Your Ideal Client?

  • You’ve been working to get your clients to know, like and trust you. It’s your number one marketing focus, isn’t it? You’ve built a strong and deep foundation for your business – your ads; your Social Media presence; your branding; your website and your ezine. As an entrepreneur, I think it’s built in to our minds to want to fling our arms out wide and make our offering to the world’s population, because surely in all that, there will be…