Video: Template For Creating Your Ideal Client Profile

You always hear the marketing experts tell you to create an ideal client profile, or ideal client persona. Many people like to skip this step, figuring it doesn’t make sense and doesn’t apply to them. This video will give you a simple template for creating your ideal client profile and just why it’s so important.

Video Transcript:

One of the things I do with clients when I start working with them on their marketing is to ask about their ideal clients. Who are they and why do they buy from you? Most talk in very general terms about their ideal clients, so we work through some exercises to get them to be a lot more specific. In fact we want to get SO specific, that we actually give their ideal client a name and create a persona around who they are and what drives them to buy their product or service. And the reason we do this is so that you start creating marketing messages that not only find the right prospects, but that address their pain points.

Here is an example of a Client Profile for a residential cleaning service. Her name is Julia and she’s a working mom. You’ll see I’ve actually printed out her profile and added a photo of her. The idea with this sheet of paper is to actually post it in your office so it’s a quick and easy reminder to you and your employees, exactly who your ideal client is.

Here’s what’s included in the profile: Her name, age range, her key responsibilities, her major concerns, key stressors or pain points, her purchase drivers, places she’s most likely to find information, her preferred content medium, days and times she’s most likely to consume content, and her role in the purchasing process.

So as you can see, by filling this out completely, you have a much better understanding of where she’s coming from; especially when you identify her major concerns and pain points. And that’s because you now have what you need to create very specific marketing messages that speak to her major concerns. And then you can make sure that when she’s looking for those solutions, it’s YOUR company she finds!

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