Website Evaluation

Before you dive into the website evaluation, I want to make sure that you understand that the days of having a digital brochure for your company is gone. Websites today have many roles:

  • It must help your business get found in online searches.
  • It must build trust for the people visiting your site. 
  • It must educate visitors, explaining their challenges, what it will take to solve them and how your company is positioned to do just that.
  • It must nurture your visitors because most people will come back to your site multiple times before making a purchasing decision. It should capture their email address so you can continue to provide valuable content to nurture them through the buying process.
  • Your website must be set up for easy conversion. Multiple Calls to Action (CTA) must be incorporated into the design of your site. Examples include subscribing to an informational download, blog updates or newsletter; filling out a quote form or adding a survey.

As you fill out the survey below, you'll notice that the more "NOs" you have, the more opportunities you have to improve your website. We'll also be in touch to follow up with your results.

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